Explanation of the leaders of the Red Hair Pirates

Benn Beckman and Yassop

The Red Hair Pirates are one of the most powerful pirate crews in the world piece. Let Yonko, the red-haired Shanks, rule this crew over a large part of the New World with great power. Being a member of the Yonko crew, even the World Government fears them, and their power is considered to be at the height of the zenith piece Globalism. Of all the Yonko crews, the Red Hair Pirates are said to be the most balanced. According to Brannew, every leader in the Red Hair Pirates has made a great name for themselves.

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All officers are considered very powerful, and their fame is colossal. They are also all very strong, and therefore, it is believed that this crew has no real weaknesses. As such, one of the biggest reasons why Shanks is indisputably among the most powerful characters in piece It is because of his three powerful captains which are Yasop, Lucky Roe and, finally, the crew’s first companion, Ben Beckman. While the majority of their abilities remained unknown until recently, the release of One Piece Film: Red ensures that fans have learned a lot about them. The Shanks leaders’ biggest strengths are now finally known.

yasop’s powers

Yasop, Usopp’s father, is a wonderful sniper who hails from the village of Sharrab. Shanks himself sought it out because his skill was incredible enough to have a reputation by then. It is said that Yasopp’s skill with the rifle is incredible. It is believed that he can launch a fly antenna from a distance of 100 meters without harming the rest. According to Luffy, his sniping skills are formidable and unparalleled. Yasopp may be the greatest sniper in the One Piece universe. In the One Piece Film Red guide, called 4 Billion, Yasopp is revealed to be a master of Observation Haki.

His skill in strength is known to be the best in the entire series. Yasop is now an official user of the Future Sight Observation Haki. Having this skill means that Yasop has trained his Observation Color to a level that he can see in the future himself. Surprisingly, he believes that his ability to see the future is greater than Katakuri’s. While Katakuri sees little into the future, just like Luffy, Yasup is known to have trained this skill to the point where he can see him in the future for extended periods of time.

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Powers of Lucky Row

Lucky Roo is the Red Hair Pirate’s cook and is responsible for the entire group’s diet, similar to Sanji’s role in the Straw Hat Pirates. It is believed that he has a very cheerful personality and during weekdays he likes to joke a lot. In battle, however, he is as serious as he gets. Lucky Roux was one of the first people to get killed in One Piece and that definitely shows he’s not someone who takes combat lightly. According to a volume of 4 billion, he is an excellent user of Haki. As such, he likely did not possess any devil fruit ability.

The volume goes on to indicate that Lucky Roux is using his entire body as his weapon. As evidenced by his appearance, his body is massive and carries an incredible amount of toughness on him. Using the powerful Haki praised by Oda at a size of 4 billion, Lucky Roux can take on most people in combat. It is also believed that it attacks like a cannonball during combat and likely immersed itself in Haki while doing so. His legs are also known to be remarkably strong and flexible at the same time, which indicates that he uses them in combat as well. This makes him quite similar to Sanji.

Ben Beekman’s Salads

Ben Beckman is the Red Hair Pirate’s first companion and Shanks’ strongest follower. He is known to be exceptionally strong, and is said to be the shadow of Shanks’ light. He is also incredibly intelligent, and is known to have the highest IQ in the entire East Blue. The Red Hair Pirates are known to be a spirited crew and it is Ben Beckman who provides calm and composure by being their rock. In combat, he is known to be extremely intimidating with incredible strength and agility. He has been seen carrying a gun in combat and can attack with his back as well. In One Piece: Red, Ben Beckman is seen using Haki on his arms and is thought to be of a very high standard.

He can also cover his bullets in Haki and pierce strong armor with ease. More importantly, Hucky Ben Beckman feels teased to be older than the Marine Admiral, which might suggest that he is, at least, on the same level as the Admiral, if not stronger than them. With such powerful forces, it was no surprise that the Red Hair Pirates were a defeated group, perhaps the strongest of the Yonko crew currently. Their captain, the red-haired Shanks, is a self-fighting monster who is a master of Haki. As One Piece approaches its final saga, this group will appear with a greater focus, which is something I am very excited about.

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