Gary Balance apologizes to Azim Rafiq for his racist comments

Gary Ballance

Gary Balance He flatly apologized for using ‘racist’ language towards a great buddy when they were his Yorkshire teammates.

An independent report on allegations of racism in Yorkshire considered the use of the word “P**i” by a player – later identified as Ballance – when referring to a companion as “joking” last year, according to ESPNcricinfo. Balance expressed his “regret” at the time, but clarified that the language was used in the context of “a situation where best friends said offensive things to each other.”

Balance is one of seven people charged by Yorkshire’s European Central Bank, along with the club, after an investigation into the revelations that followed Rafik’s emotional testimony before Parliament in November 2021.

great buddy
Azeem Rafiq Image source: Twitter

I accepted Gary Balance’s apology: Great buddy

“I wanted to meet Azeem in person for a while, but I had to make sure I was in a good place when I did, great was facing similar psychological challenges and understanding why this took a while. I unreservedly apologize to Azim for the words I used when we played together. I used unacceptable language – at times, racist. If I had known how much damage he’d done to a great, I would have stopped right away. That’s why I wanted to meet him this week and make it clear in person that I didn’t mean any malice. That’s not an excuse, I realize that the language that I used it wrong.” Balance said in his apology.

great buddy[photo: Twitter]

Rafeeq responded to the apology by saying: “Since the first day of opening up about my experience, all I wanted was acceptance and apologies for what happened.

“Gary has been brave in admitting the truth and I understand why the mental tension made it difficult for him to offer such an apology so soon. Gary must be commended for his honesty and unreserved apology and he must now be allowed to move on with his life.”

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