Ghostober’s roster includes the new Eli Roth series, Ghost Hunters, and more

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It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end, but that means Halloween season is about to start. This also means that all the major networks and banners are starting to announce their killer squads at the scariest time of the year. This includes Discovery that just released 2022 Justber schedule across all their networks.

they Justber The official celebration kicks off with Ghostober Preview Party Monday, September 12 at 10 p.m. ET on the Travel and Discovery Channel. A special Halloween party featuring the mysterious event lineup will be hosted ghost brothersand feature guests of honor such as Jason Howes (Ghostbusters), And the Cindy Casa (Devil’s Ghosts). If you are a super TV fan then Justber Definitely the right place for you as the new seasons Paranormal camera capture (11 September), ghost adventures (15 September), Ghostbusters (October 1) Premieres on Discovery+ and Travel Channel during the new season of Ghost Brothers: Lights Out It will start with three episodes on Discovery + October 7.

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Moreover, the new ghost adventures Special Satan’s Den It premieres on Travel and Discovery+ on September 29th while a new paranormal series airs haunted scotland And the The Haunted Homecoming of Jack Osborne They will debut on Discovery+ on September 23 and October 2, respectively. Finally, on the paranormal front, there will be two new entries in the popularity of Discovery Document shock Series titled Curse of Robert the Doll And the Ghost Flight 401. These specials will debut on September 30 and October 28 on Travel and Discovery+.


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However, if ghosts aren’t your thing, but you still want a sweet treat for Halloween, Food Network has you covered with delicious orange frosting. new seasons Halloween Baking Championship (12 September), Halloween wars Featuring Zach Bagans (September 18), the outrageous gourd (September 25) All of them will make their debut during the event. There is also the new series Halloween cake challenge And the new special Children’s Baking Championship: Trick or Treat It will premiere on September 26 and October 17. All of these delicious treats are premiering on both Food Network and Discovery+,

If you need more horror in your life Justber It has plenty of chilling performances as well. Especially if you are a fan of the director Eli Roth. Eli Roth Presents: My Possessed Pet It will premiere on September 30th. The series will explore the true nightmares of pets who have been taken over by a supernatural evil. Then there is the anthology series Urban legend – urban legend Premiering October 28, Ruth’s take on the haunting classic myths and legends. Finally, to end the shocking celebration, The Haunted Museum: 3 Ring Inferno It premieres on Halloween night. The third entry in this anthology film series, produced by Zach Bagans Together with Ruth, he focuses on a stolen suitcase that may contain a tent that could open a portal to a cursed circus. All of these shows first appeared on the Travel Channel and Discovery+.

While horror movies are a staple of the Halloween season, over the years, places like the Travel Channel, Food Network, and now Discovery+ have become one of the premier destinations for Halloween fun. Especially if you’re not into the horror genre, or you’d prefer the horror to have a “true story” vibe. Discovery does a great job every year capturing the spooky and very entertaining atmosphere of this spooky season every year Justber Event. With an exciting lineup like this, they are only looking to continue this horrifying trend in 2022.

while we wait Justber To start on September 12, you can stream past painful seasons of shows like Ghostbusters On Discovery+ now. You can also find more information about Justber 2022 in travel channel website.

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