‘Good’ anime characters revealed to be evil

Most animations tend to fit some metaphors and don’t take much risk with telling stories. This leads many of the animations to feel a bit cliched, which is a feeling many viewers have. Therefore, when some animation decides to surprise the viewers with some twists in the plot, it makes the experience more attractive. This is especially true in the case of characters who seem like archetypes of justice only to show their true colors and reveal just how evil they are.

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These types of twists are very popular in animation and have been used to great effect over and over again. The following characters are examples of great characters who surprised everyone by dropping their standout two-shoe stance and revealing how annoying they really were.

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7 Aizen Sousuke (Bleach)

Aizen is one of the most famous and popular cartoon antagonists of all time. A big part of this attraction is his unforgettable betrayal at the end of the wonderful Soul Society arc, which made whitening One of the most captivating stories of the time.

It’s a shame that Aizen’s character was lost during his last confrontation with Ichigo since he seemed so strong and attractive before that. His betrayal shocked the Soul Society to its core and forced Gotei 13 to act out the world from his lust for power.

6 Ryo Asuka (Devilman Crybaby)

At the beginning of the show, Ryo looks like nothing more than Akira’s childhood friend who is more of a bad boy. However, the fact that he knew more things than he had any right to sow the seeds of doubt that fully surfaced near the end of the series.

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It is revealed that Ryo Asuka is none other than Satan himself, as he grew up as an angel who was expelled from heaven after an argument with God. This leads to Asuka sympathizing with the world’s demons before using his powers to manipulate the world and send humanity into their own downward spiral.

5 Light Yagami (Death Note)

Most people would argue that Light Yagami was never a villain in the series and did everything to justify saving the world from the villains that destroy it. However, the horrific nature in which Light tries to kill anyone, innocent or otherwise, who stands in his way is what makes him such a gruesome character.

His distorted principles of justice are so hard rock that anyone who fights against his rule becomes a villain in his books. This justifies their death in his mind, which is inherently evil and something a villain can do.

4 Griffith (Bercerk)

Griffith is one of the most interesting opponents of all time. Initially emerging as one of Guts’ loyal friends, his lofty ambitions were to undo himself when he made a series of mistakes after being somewhat emotionally turbulent.

The subsequent torture left his body completely broken, which prompted him to use the power of the Eclipse to be reborn as a messenger by sacrificing the lives of everyone in Hawk’s squad. He’s one of the most amazing and creative villains of all time, extremely greedy and power-hungry for fault.

3 Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)

Kabuto first appears in the Chunin Exams as a shinobi who doesn’t mind helping others with his information. However, after the end of the Forest of Death exam, Kabuto revealed himself as one of Orochimaru’s servants.

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He is extremely cunning and acts as a thorn in the heroes’ side time and time again, going so far as to raise strong people from death for the Fourth Shinobi World War. It was only by using Izanami that he got a proper change in his heart and started helping others.

2 Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

Most people would argue against including Eren on this list. After all, the character had truly good intentions before succumbing to the cruelty of the world and using destruction as a means to achieve his goal at all costs.

However, the sheer scale of Eren’s genocide is truly colossal and shows that perhaps this character has had such evil all along. This, coupled with the revelation at the end The attack on the Giantsled many fans to believe that Eren wasn’t a saint from the start and had such a destructive mindset the whole time.

Shou Tucker is easily one of the most vile and despicable cartoon characters of all time. The fact that he sacrificed his wife and daughter solely for his own experiences to live a comfortable life was nothing short of unfortunate and showed just how powerful Dark Alchemy really was in this world.

The revelation that Nina and family dog ​​Alexander were made Chimera together is a truly chilling revelation that shows just how awful Shaw Tucker really is. He may have been caught after this crime, but there is no denying that this moment adds a dark tinge to the events of Fullmetal Alchemist that makes it such an important part of the overall story.

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