How to get the Sundering Glare Artifact Mod in Destiny 2

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The Destiny 2 Sundering Glare mod is now available as part of the Season of Plunder Skeleton Key Artifact, a powerful mod for fighting PvE enemies at longer ranges. Landing enough accurate shots on an enemy, such as a Champion or Strike boss, will deal him extra damage for a short time, so it’s a must-have PvE mode, although realizing that it can’t be stacked with Divinity anymore. Everything you need to know about unlocking the Sundering Glare Artifact Mod in Destiny 2, as well as what it does, can be found below.

How to get Sundering Glare in Destiny 2

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Sundering Glare is one of the Season of Plunder Artifact Mods, so you can only unlock it by leveling up your Skeleton Key. Sundering Glare is in the fifth and final column of the Skeleton Key mod grid, so you’ll need to unlock the 14 Artifact Mods in the previous four columns to access this column. This means that the earliest you can unlock Sundering Glare is the 15th mode of the artifact.

To run Skeleton Key Artifact and open Sundering Glare quickly, you just need to earn a lot of XP. The best thing for this is to complete whatever rewards you can get. All Bounties give at least a few thousand XP, so if you complete a lot of them, you will get XP quickly. Keep yourself on top of the trophies by spending your Glimmer on daily repeatable stuff too. Also try to complete any Seasonal Weekly Challenges you have at the same time you work on rewards because these challenges offer much bigger XP rewards but are more difficult or take longer to complete.

How does Sundering Glare work in Destiny 2?

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Sundering Glare is a seasonal artifact mod that can only be entered into your class item, and it costs six energy to do so. With Sundering Glare equipped, any quick accuracy you hit against a distant fighter will weaken him for a short while. This weak effect deals an additional 20% damage to the affected fighter on all fireteam members – not just you – and you’ll know when this effect is applied because your weapon will briefly glow bright blue.

However, it is important to note that Sundering Glare does not stack with other damage removal tools. Previously, Sundering Glare could stack with things like Destiny 2 Divinity’s weaken bubble, taking an enemy 56% more damage while debuffs were active together, but that’s no longer the case, and Sundering Glare can override some debuffs in some cases (Thank you Destiny 2 player Court for putting up the debuff info for Destiny 2 in a file Useful spreadsheet). Overall, Sundering Glare is now less useful in six-player endgame activities, such as Raids, but is still good for Master and Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes with three players, where consistent patches are less common due to the smaller fire team size.

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