How to transfer your task from a Facebook account to a Meta account

If you’ve purchased a Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest or Quest 2 VR headset in the past few years, you’ll likely have to set it up with a Facebook account. While this makes sense given that the device is made by Meta, the parent company of Facebook, there are some potential downsides to linking your Facebook account and Quest. For example, if your account is banned due to something going on on Facebook, you may lose access to the games you purchased for Oculus.

Fortunately, Meta has recently started rolling out a new type of account that you can log into Oculus with, so you can separate your Quest from your Facebook profile. They’re called Meta Accounts, and it’s relatively easy to make the switch on a task already set up with a Facebook account using the following steps.

How to create a meta account

Obviously, you’ll need a Meta account if you want to use it with your mission. To set one up, go to Whether on the phone or computer. If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will have to do so before proceeding. Since all your apps and game data are currently linked to your Facebook account, they will need to be transferred to your new Meta account.

Next, the setup process will ask you if you want to set up your Meta account with Facebook or with an email address. If you choose to setup with Facebook, it will link your Meta and Facebook accounts, giving you access to some social features and allowing you to log into your Meta account with Facebook. If you continue without Facebook, you will have to use an email and password to log into your Meta account.

You don’t have to link your Facebook and Meta accounts other than transferring your data if you don’t want to.

No permanent decision. If you set up your Meta account without Facebook, you can always link your accounts later, and you can unlink them if you choose to set up with Facebook.

To continue without Facebook, you may be asked to enter your email address if there isn’t one already associated with your account. If so, Meta will likely send you an email with a code to verify it. After setting up your email and password, you will have to choose a privacy setting for your Horizon account, which will determine who can see your activity and active status and who can follow you.

Connecting your Meta account and headset is pretty much a one-step process.

How to link your Quest and Meta account

Once you do that, put on your headphone. If you try to do anything on it, a prompt should appear with a code to connect the headset to an account. On the device where you set up your Meta account, go to, and enter the code from your Oculus device. This will connect your Meta account to your headset, and you should be good to continue using it like you did before – just using your Meta account instead of your Facebook account.

How to sign back into the Oculus app

If you have your Quest paired with the Oculus app for iOS or Android, switching to your Meta account may sign you out of the app. Going back is very easy, though. Make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app, then select File Log in with email option on the login screen. Then enter the email address and password you set up for your Meta account. You should go back to using the app as before.

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