Katherine Waterston was cast opposite Jodie Comer in The End of Start From


Katherine Waterston He was cast in the horrific thriller The end where we start From Benedict Cumberbatchsunny march according to Limit. The project was seen as a hot pack at the May Cannes event as production begins this month.

The end where we start Set in London against the backdrop of an environmental crisis that sees the city covered in flood waters. The situation will see a young family split up, as a mother and her new baby try to find their way home amid all the carnage. Waterston will play the character currently referred to as ‘O’ and the actress is set to star alongside BAFTA and Primetime Emmy Award winning actress, Jodi Comer. Comer will portray the role of a mother who is caught in the midst of this chaotic situation.

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The feature film is based on the famous 2017 novel Megan Hunter. Although we can’t say how far the adaptation will depart from the original story, The end where we start These boast an impressive team of talented creators associated with the project making it an interesting watch when it is finally released. Watterson’s credits include her recent performance as Tina Goldstein Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets part of Harry Potter The Spinoff Trilogy. Her romantic period performance on Bleeker Street next world side by side Casey Affleck And the Vanessa Kirby It received well-deserved critical acclaim. You will be able to see it in the next epic of Damien Chazelle Paramount titled Babylon.

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The end where we start will be Mahalia Bello Leading the film from a script written by Alice Birch (Ordinary people, successionAdapted from Hunter’s novel. Feature producers are Leah Clark, Adam Ackland, Lisa Marshall, Sophie Hunter And the Amy Jackson. It was three producers previously spoke About the project and how it is held close to the heart. “The end where we start Very close to our hearts. Megan’s heart-wrenching narration, and Alice’s brilliant adaptation, provide a story about motherhood, separation, social and environmental disruption, and those primal instincts in us that draw moments of joy and inspiration from chaos,” film producers Marshall, Ackland and Clark said. The talented creative team in creating what we know will be a resounding and impressive movie.”. Sebastien Ribaud, Cecil Gagett, Eva Yates Comer will carry out the production.

The end where we start He doesn’t have a release date yet.

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