Lightfall has nostalgic vanilla Destiny 2 vibes

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Just a year after the mega-show where Bungie revealed to the world Fate 2In the expansion of The Witch Queen, the company has come out with a trailer dedicated to the upcoming Lightfall content, which will be released in February next year. This is a highly anticipated new chapter in Fate 2The Light and Darkness saga that Bungie has been building for many years now, and it all dates back to a confrontation between the forces of The Witness and Calus against the Guardians and Neomuna’s Cloud Striders. Conflict arises as The Witness searches for a powerful artifact located in the hidden city of Neptune, a spectacle of neon lights and ’80s-inspired locations.

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Cloud Striders as a new race changes everything as they show that life without the grace of a traveler is not only possible, but contingent upon a different breed of light human protector who has given up years of their lives for bionic improvements. However, one of the most striking aspects of Lightfall as a whole is that Neomuna’s many colors and neon signs are a nostalgic reminder of what vanilla is. Fate 2 He was with Titan’s Archology, which is now lost in the Destiny Content Vault and may never return.

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Why Destiny 2’s Lightfall could be totally nostalgic

Although it is quite subjective, it can be said that Titan was one of the most famous locations in Vanilla Fate 2 Thanks to the beautiful time-wasted archeology, which was a testament to the golden age of mankind in the game world. Players got to experience a bit of cell-infused archeology through quests and Savathun’s Song Strike, which were also removed from the game with Beyond Light. Blended with Titan’s rainy surface, its mysterious and relaxing pre-crash underground world made it a beautiful place to explore, and also unique in terms of aesthetics.

In fact, the same colorful set of neon lights has not been recreated Fate 2 If not for the short-lived Splicer season, which had a similar but very different feel thanks to the ’80s composite wave aesthetics of Override activity and the Vex network. This same visual style has extended to the Season of the Splicer’s weapons, which thankfully are still available, albeit only from Xur’s inventory. As for the season and its content, it’s all stacked up with The Witch Queen, with activities, items, and seasonal vendors disappearing with new expansions as they launch.

Bungie confirmed during the August show that Fate 2Content will never again be vaulted into the future far from seasonal additions, and while it’s great to hear, any season of positive vibes returning to Splicer or The Titan’s Archology is highly unlikely. However, Lightfall will remain in the base game forever if Bungie intends to never sunset expansions, which means it will be a constant source of nostalgia for those gamers who loved vanilla Fate 2 And the newest Splicer season. On top of that, it’s also a good way to try something that’s now partly gone for players who weren’t there when these locations and activities appeared.

Fate 2Strand’s Strand is a great addition to all of that because its light green gradients and traversal skills are something no other ability in the game can emulate, especially if this new power is meant to be used as a Neomuna exploration tool. Just like every expansion before it, Lightfall will also likely come with plenty of secrets and mysteries, and while Neomuna can’t quite compare to The Witch Queen’s Throne World, it will have its fair share of things to uncover.

Fate 2 Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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