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pve tank tier list for wrath classic wow

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store King’s anger It is a different scene from previous expansions. In vanilla, if you’re not a Warrior tank, you’re probably doing it wrong. With Burning Crusade, both Paladins and Druids are enjoying time in the spotlight. WotLK: Classic brings the Death Knights into the mix; Specification Blood is a solid tank option that has enjoyed success alongside Prot Paladin and Feral Druid. Protection warriors are often mentioned due to various issues.

In fact, every tank class and specification has its applicability and use. Progress will never be hindered by raid tank class/specifications. All four options are viable and can get the job done. Some classes will be able to fill specific roles while others will be able to act as a jack of all trades. Despite the fact that each tank specification is categorized on the list of levels, it is important to say again: Every viable tank is in the wrath of the Lich King.

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With that being said, let’s talk about the tank’s specifications.

Lich King Tank PvE Tier List غضب Fury

paladin protection

Protection Paladins can do anything you ask of them. They may not be the best at a given task, but they will be more than able to do so with confidence. What the Paladins may lack for protection in terms of best threat, damage, or survivability, they more than make up for with their toolkit. Ardent Defender helps enhance its ability to stay on par with Feral Druids. Recasting the divine protection helps make her cool down on par with a warrior’s shield wall.

In terms of threat, Paladins Protection still works very well. The Hammer of the Righteous and the Shield of Righteousness help the Paladins become better at acquiring and keeping a threat. Dedication now expands with attack power and magic power via the Touched by the Light talent, making the base ability even better. The amount of threat Paladins can sustain in Single Target and AOE abilities is pretty impressive.

To no one’s surprise, the Paladin class’s set of utilities is still top notch. Between the different hands, judgments, and hibernations of raids, Paladins have always enjoyed being a very resourceful broad class. Divine Guardian and Divine Sacrifice are huge additions to help mitigate the damage to the raid.

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blood death knight

The new hot topic, Blood Death Knights, is applicable to every stage of the Wrath Classic. When it comes to threatening a single target, Blood DKs have no equal. Abilities like Icy Touch and Rune Strike are not only the core of class rotation but also pose an insane amount of threat. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to the threat of AOE. They can get the job done, but a necessary amount of slope is required. They can’t keep up with the Paladins’ protection on this front.

When we talk about survival, few can match the Blood Death Knights. The combination of a highly hygienic pool and self-healing allows the class to excel. It is not an individual ability but an arsenal of utility in this respect. Death Strike, Rune Tap, Vampiric Blood, Death Coil and Lichborne’s talent allow the player to self-heal. You won’t be as fat as the other tank specs, but you will definitely be able to make a hit or two. or ten.

Like the Paladins, the Death Knights offer an additional raid benefit beyond being effective tanks, making them an essential part of your raid configuration.

protection warrior

Let’s be honest about the Protection Warriors. They’re not as bad as people make them make. Although they won’t be on the level of Paladins or Death Knights, this tried and true class can still hold as tank in Classic WotLK. The specs see several improvements in his talents, capabilities, and toolkit compared to the Burning Crusade. These Protection Warriors help deal damage and extreme threat and get the job done.

YouTubers and content creators have claimed that the Protection Warriors don’t deserve a seat at the raid formation table. Although not as powerful as the previous categories on our list, it can still compete with threat generation and survivability. Most of their data is based on private servers, which proves not to be a good indicator of the actual Classic WoW experience.

Shockwave is an important new ability introduced in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. It not only allows warriors to increase their threat to both the single target and the AOE but also provides crowd control as well. Refined talents such as shield mastery, shield specialization, enhanced defensive posture, critical mass, quantum system, and vitality improve the quality of life incredibly.

None of the above abilities are as important as the Sword and Board; Wrath’s ability is an essential element in protecting a warrior and not only offers an important means of survival and damage but also improves the spec’s gameplay. The Sword and Board pair well with a ridiculous increase in retaliation ability, allowing the Spec to do a massive amount of damage.

In terms of utility, vigilance doubles as a way to reduce damage to an ally while transmitting part of their threat to you. The Heroic Throw feature now allows protection warriors to pull the scope without having to carry long-range ammo.

monstrous priest

They did a great job at Classic TBC. Come to the wrath of the Lich King Classic, Feral Druids see some twists and balance tweaks across the board. We put it in category B for several reasons.

The biggest reason deals with diminishing returns newly introduced for avoidance statistics. Gone are the days of completely avoiding damage, unfortunately. This does not mean that the survival of the specifications is bad. Far from that, in fact; WotLK delivers much-needed survival slowdowns to Feral Druid. Barkskin and Frenzied Regeneration buffs received an increase in prominence. Barkskin can now be used in any Druid form, and no longer results in changing the player’s form outside of the Bear form. Frenzied Regeneration now recovers 3% of Druid’s health every second. This is a change from a fixed health of 100 per second in Classic TBC. Survival Instincts is a new cooldown that temporarily grants 30% of Druid’s health for 20 seconds. These new capabilities and reworking give the spec some much-needed capabilities, but it comes at the cost of initial efficiencies.

Additionally, the threat has been simplified and its balance improved across other specifications. Feral Druid is not a bad option, it is no longer a clearly preferred option over others in certain situations. To combine with this, classes and other specifications gained buffs and a utility that was unique to Druids. For example, Fury Warriors can give the raid a Leader of the Pack. In addition, the ability to perform out-of-spec DPS in the form of a screenshot is entirely dependent on the player’s equipment. This isn’t a big deal for some raid squads and wouldn’t be noticeable. For others who will pay to be the absolute best, it can be a tricky situation when building your own raid combination.

Druids still have important buffs and cooldowns, so they still have a place in the raid. When it comes to tanks, the glorious days of the Burning Crusade seem like a thing of the past.


When it comes to tanks, there is really no wrong answer. It’s a case of “bring the player, not the class”. Are some specs better than others? definitely. Are there tank specifications that will be permanently marginalized? of course not. It all comes down to personal preference, gameplay, and other factors beyond viability.

If you are looking for a Tank game in WotLK Classic, there is no wrong choice. Play whatever you want and have fun!

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