Nightwing and Harley Quinn Square are down in Gotham Knights Boss Fight Gameplay

gotham knights harley quinn boss fight gameplay demo nightwing

The Gotham Knights’ Harley Quinn’s end of arc boss battle is revealed in a gameplay demo featuring Nightwing as the playable character.

It is not known how many more will be shown Gotham Knights Which led to its expedited release in October. Sure, there are fans at this point who still need to see more, but there will likely be plenty of surprises waiting for them that may remain secret until fans get their hands on it. Gotham Knights.

For example, fans who don’t want more boss fights should screw it up Gotham Knightslatest detection. Yesterday, he learned that Gotham Knights Soon you will feature Harley Quinn boss fight gameplay. This gameplay has now arrived, showing what game director Jeff Elinor calls “the end of the bow-boss battle,” suggesting that this may be one of the last encounters players have with her character before she is locked up in the GCPD.

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IGN First recently aired coverage of this gameplay, which is about seven minutes long. The fight is presented through a cinematic evoking what Harley’s sinister arc has consisted of so far, with Nightwing chasing her to Gotham Hospital. Harley’s followers, who may or may not form their own faction gang in Gotham Knights, are apparently innocent residents of Gotham who have their mind controlled by a handheld device that Harley keeps on her person. Players will likely fight these natives multiple times throughout Harley’s story.

The character being played in this gameplay demo is Nightwing, and as such it is interesting to see how gymnastic and agile Harley is compared to him. Harley wheels, hand springs, and mid-air flips gracefully and streamlined like a Nightwing, all while swinging a hammer with a red symbol in place of the common white one that informs players when to dodge.

Harley also has an action where she jumps backwards and throws three explosives into a wide area each with their own circle of AoEs. Nightwing repeatedly uses a chilling elemental attack that appears to knock out Harley and immobilize her, leaving her vulnerable to successive attacks or grabs. Harley’s mind-controlling henchmen are finally released in Nightwing, which is great to see as it easily discerns the most on-screen foes once in a while. Gotham Knights‘ fighting.

The fight on the cliffhanger is left to the fans as it fades before the third stage begins. However, this gameplay is an insightful demonstration of both Nightwing and Harley Quinn. Any fans planning the main Nightwing can now get excited for the second issue of Gotham Knights‘ prequel comic, which will include an icon that makes up for an exclusive in-game look for its escrima sticks.

Gotham Knights It is slated to release on October 21 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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