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Albedo Informs Ainz About the Attack – Overlord IV Episode 8

The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Overlord IV, “Unexpected Movement” is now broadcasting Crunchy Roll.

In episode 8 of Fourth OverlordThe focus has returned to political matters, with the Bharoth Empire’s begging to request that it become a vassal state of the Sorcerer’s Kingdom becoming a hot topic in the Re-Estize Kingdom, as well as the Sorcerer’s handing over of aid rations. Slaney theocracy across the kingdom.

Baron Philip Dayton appears in Montserrat, exhausted by his new responsibilities as head of the Montserrat family, as well as pressure being put on the economy due to aiding the wizard’s kingdom to bring back Estes and a shortage of manpower in his field. Conspiring with some nobles, Montserrat decided to interfere with the next delivery of rations, believing that the culprit in such an attack would not be clear to everyone; However, he is very foolish and very, very wrong.

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Kingdom of the treacherous wizard

The episode begins with a conversation between Prince Zanack and Princess Rainer of Resties. Providing a presentation, as well as a human perspective on the situation, the conversation highlights the central concept prevailing in this season of Overlord: the supposedly unwavering brilliance of Ainz’s mind, and the betrayal inherent in the undead. Although some kind and generous actions of the Sorcerer Kingdom towards human groups are mentioned, Zanack does not see the actions of the Wizard Kingdom as a ploy to improve their standing in the eyes of other nations, and eventually force the other kingdoms to become vassal states as they suppose to happen. to Bharoth.

Since the Re-Estize refused to send aid to the Slan Theocracy during the war, the Sorcerer’s Kingdom came to their aid and defeated the inhuman enemy, Gelabot. Recently, the Theocracy has been receiving relief supplies from the Wizard’s Kingdom, which is only possible through Re-Estize. Fearing rejection, Manon granted the Magical Kingdom permission to send their help across the country; However, only if they are willing to pay import taxes. The Wizard’s Kingdom was also willing to sell some of its goods within the Re-Estez Kingdom, which was partly the reason for Montserrat’s discontent, and perhaps also a factor in his domain’s struggle for a secure food supply.

Princess Rainer, due to her connection to Albedo, acts as a double agent, influencing the big decisions her older brother makes and trying to convince her brother to follow in Bharoth’s footsteps. Her advice was naturally dismissed, but she made a few important points before reminding her brother of her promise once he ascended the throne. Evidently, humans are confused by the Sorcerous Kingdom’s civilization when it comes to national politics.

food fight

During Montserrat’s conversation with the other nobles of his faction, Baron Delphi and Rocklin, he is informed of the fact that the Wizard’s Kingdom is using a trade route running through the Roclin Range to provide aid rations to the theocracy. Montserrat wonders how a small country with just one city can produce roughly the same amount of food as Re-Estize itself, but Rokerlen draws his attention to the Sorcerer Kingdom’s use of the Undead to work its vast expanse of farmland indefinitely. You find “creepy”. Montserrat comes up with the idea of ​​attacking wagons transporting food to steal it for their own gain, but this foolish act becomes a matter of state importance, as word goes back to Ainz that a nobleman of the Risties has ordered the attack on the enchanted merchandise bearing the kingdom’s mark. A recurring joke in episode 8 of Fourth Overlord It is the sheer foolishness, the sheer stupidity of the actions of Baron Montserrat.

Albedo Bin-Bal

As set in earlier episodes of this season, Albedo uses Baron Montserrat for his lack of intelligence as a source of information and a major focal point for her grand plans regarding the expansion of the wizard’s kingdom. Of course, Montserrat has no idea that it was used by both Albedo and his backer Hilma Signius. Albedo and Montserrat have been exchanging messages since their meeting, and Montserrat is proud of his relationship with the Prime Minister of the Wizard’s Kingdom. Unfortunately for Albedo, her “foolish nobleman” turns out to be more foolish than she thought, as he and two other nobles plot to steal food that travels through Re-Estize to Slane’s Theocracy. Albedo discovers the consequences of the plan about four days later, as she works through piles of papers, and finds a file regarding the problems she encountered while trying to deliver food to the theocracy.

It certainly can’t be that idiot!

Because of Montserrat’s actions, Albedo was forced to admit that she might have made a terrible mistake; However, since she does not want to appear incompetent in front of her master, she tries to hold the middle management responsible. Hilma summons Signaeus, who is too terrified to be in the throne room of Nazarick; However, the punishment you would expect does not come as Ainz Ole Gon himself defends it. Ainz explains to his followers that if the head of the chain of command is held responsible for their followers’ actions, then Albedo’s choice to use Hilma and Montserrat ultimately becomes his responsibility, not that of Albedo or Hilma.

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To make sure Hilma is telling the truth when she is questioned about her involvement in a plot to steal the goods of the Wizard’s Kingdom, Ainz casts a domination spell on her, making her unable to lie. She admits no guilt, and tells Ainz and the floor guards that the foolish Montserrat was foolish enough to come up with the foolish plan himself. After Ainz defends Cygnus, she is sent home unharmed, but holds a newfound respect for His Highness.

Plans change or not

After settling the matter in Nazarick, Albedo considers changing her plan due to the erratic behavior of her foolish pawn. Demiurge highlights that their weakness in this incident was not a lack of adequate planning, but rather that he was plotting against an intelligent enemy. They cannot plot against the fool’s actions, which Albedo is puzzled by the irreconcilable actions of Montserrat. To quote a text, “We can create countermeasures against the intellectual, but Ainz can even comprehend the asinine.” Truly, every conscious life form aware of Montserrat’s actions simply cannot comprehend his level of stupidity, and this includes the kingdom, which soon learns of his foolish mistake.

Part of the humor in this episode, and many others before it is the constant floor guards’ belief in their master’s incredible mental prowess, and since Ainz believed someone could be as foolish as Montserrat, such folly is surely possible. Despite the unexpected developments, their original plan is still viable, and the floor guards decide to leave it as is, after discussing with ideas of what to do in response to Montserrat’s disrespect. Demiurge recalls Ainz’s carrot and stick plan, and assumes that his Master’s plan all along was to apply the concept internationally. A plan was devised to reward Baharuth for his behavior, and to punish the kingdom, so an official statement was issued for the re-establishment of the Sorcerer’s Kingdom signed by the Baharuth Empire, the Kingdom of Dwarves, the Kingdom of Dragons, the Theocracy and the Faceless.

What now?

At every turn, when the characters discuss the attack on the help sent to the theocracy, the conversation immediately shifts to other possibilities because “certainly no one is that stupid.” In fact, even the highest level Re-Estize could not plan to overcome the utter foolishness of Montserrat’s actions, especially since it does not serve him or restore his will in the long run, nor does it make sense to want to endure the wrath of the Sorcerous Kingdom itself led by an entity capable of performing acts of terror that She was seen during the Katsie Plains massacre.

They are well aware of Montserrat’s actions, and similar to Ainz’s earlier conversation with Albedo about the responsibilities inherent in a leader in the chain of command, Prince Zanack realizes that Montserrat’s folly is the folly of the kingdom. Surely, no one can be as stupid as him; But Zanack asks the king if it’s better for them to summon the baron and present his head to the wizard’s kingdom in supplication because fighting them is not an option. The king was disappointed at his son’s proposal. However, Zanack tries to be pragmatic. The Minister of the Interior, in the same spirit of pragmatism, makes a similar proposal to Princess Rainer at the beginning of the episode – to become a vassal state; But everyone present quickly rejects this. When the king tells his son that he has an idea, a messenger arrives to inform the Albedo group of Albedo’s arrival and ask to meet the king. Someone is in deep trouble.

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