Podcasts are coming to Twitter as part of a big Spaces revamp

Twitter is integrating podcasts into the new Spaces tab in the Twitter app for Android and iOS. in Blog postThe social media platform said it will test the redesigned Distances tab on a group of random users around the world starting today, but only in English.

The revamped Spaces Tab groups podcasts and other audio content together into category-based hubs. Podcasts are the new star of Spaces, and there are audio stations with different topics – music, news, sports, entertainment, travel, etc. – all customized by an algorithm for different users to listen to based on who they follow on Twitter and what. topics that interest them.

A podcast that runs on Twitter Spaces.

Twitter decided to integrate podcasts into Spaces after conducting an internal study that found that 45% of people who use Twitter in the US also listen to podcasts on a monthly basis.

Ray Chow, general manager of audio at Vox, said the company is excited that Twitter is giving its listeners the ability to hear its podcasts outside of the aforementioned podcasting services.

“Vox Media has a rich collection of popular podcasts across many categories, and we’re excited that Twitter is expanding its audio capabilities to help more listeners discover them,” Zhao said. “Whether it’s Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway the hubOur daily news explanation Today’s explanationor Stay connected with Preet BhararaWe are excited that Twitter offers users and podcast fans new and exciting horizons.”

Good news, today we started testing a new Spaces tab

Even better news, it includes podcasts, themed audio stations and (of course) recorded + live spaces pic.twitter.com/TGS2aVsUI1

And the[مدش]. Spaces (TwitterSpaces) August 25 2022

Users can further customize their podcast listening experience on Spaces by giving podcasts a thumbs up or a thumbs down depending on their level of interest in the content. The system is similar to Pandora’s, which allows listeners to vote up or down based on whether or not the genre of music or artist they’re listening to suits their interests. In this case, Twitter gives users the ability to decide whether or not the podcast content they are listening to is interesting.

Twitter Spaces launched in November 2020, following the success of Facebook’s Clubhouse during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, only Twitter users with 600 followers or more were allowed to host or listen to a space. A year later, Twitter allowed people without an account to access Spaces — even on the web browser version. Spaces is now being reworked to also serve as a podcast platform.

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