Sandman Bonus Episode sets the future stories of this series


hypnotic Fans were surprised when an additional episode became available to stream on Netflix last weekend. Saeed’s episode quoted two of the most popular stories from Sandman Comedy series “Dream of a Thousand Cats” and “Calliope”. Not only did the episode combine two different styles of films, with “Dream of a Thousand Cats” fully animated, but the “Calliope” clip referred to a character that fans would love. Sandman The immediately recognized comedy: Orpheus, son of the lord of dreams Morpheus (Tom Sturridge).

“Caillope” finds the honorary Moses (Melissanthi MahutTrapped on Earth for Decades Under the Thumb of the Author Erasmus FreyDerek Jacobi), whose powers are used to keep his writing career strong. Then Fry makes a deal with Richard Maddock (Arthur Darville), who intends to use Caillope’s gifts to start his stalled career. In desperation, she reaches out to Destinies, who previously appeared in Episode 2 of hypnotic, “The Imperfect Hosts”, in order to free itself. They tell her to reach out to Morpheus, and when the master of dreams learns what has happened to his ex-wife, his anger is merciless.

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The “Caillope” segment, like most series, honors the original story on which it is based and makes adjustments to the source material. Caillope is given more agency than in the comics, and Morpheus feels real remorse rather than anger that someone stole what he had before. The story sounds like a meta-commentary on the myth of “hard genius” and those who hurt others to achieve success. When Maddock said he did what he did to have ideas, Morpheus made a spooky announcement: “Then you gotta have it… in abundance.” More detail on this would spoil the surprise.

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However, the Orpheus male is the most exciting. Those familiar with Greek mythology likely know the story of Orpheus and his lover Eurydice; When Eurydice died from a snakebite, Orpheus traveled to the underworld and enchanted both Hades and Persephone with his music. They agreed to release Eurydice on the condition that Orpheus would not stare at her until he reached the world of the living. Unfortunately, Orpheus becomes too anxious and looks back, only to watch his wife disappear for good.

Sandman Co-author/writer Neil Gaiman A setting that revolves around the story in Sandman Special #1, which has a story aptly titled “The Song of Orpheus”. Just like Greek myth, Orpheus ventures into the underworld to save Eurydice. However, this time he was helped by two Endless, Destruction and Death. Morpheus refuses to help Orpheus, causing the young musician to disavow his father; And in his grief, he ends up suffering a terrible death when he finds a bacchanal hosted by the god of wine Dionysius. Torn by the followers of Dinoysius, Orpheus lives only as a head thanks to death.

Morpheus eventually searches for his son’s head, enlisting the services of Joanna Constantine to do so. The head is placed under the auspices of an order from the priests until Morpheus asks Orpheus to help him find the destruction. Due to the positive response to Jenna ColemanThe role of Joanna, having another storyline that only shows her in a major role seems like a win-win situation for all involved. And the tormented relationship between Morpheus and Orpheus is full of drama. At the end of the first season of hypnotic, vowing to be a more benevolent ruler of his kingdom, the dream. Facing his time as an absentee father is a good way to test this covenant.

Showrunner Alan Heinberg He’s already revealed that he and Gaiman have an actor in mind to play Orpheus. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but we talked about someone we feel very badly about,” He told Variety shortly after the episode aired. “And we’ve had those conversations and if we get a second season, we’d like to be able to pick that person. We’re envisioning the whole season with that person in mind.” Although a second season has yet to be announced by Netflix, the fact that the series plans to continue exploring Morpheus’ flaws and family issues is a promising possibility.

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