Soul Hackers 2: Beginner’s Guide – 9 Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Shin Megami Tensei is a series that may have more sub-games than any other. There’s the core series, of course, but even that’s been overshadowed by Persona Games. Among other series, such as the Devil Summoner and Devil Survivor series, it was one of the most unique games that saw only one entry in 1997. Soul Pirates. Unlike SMT games and other sub-elements, this series has gone more in sci-fi and cyberpunk directions rather than in modern or historical settings while keeping the core game demon-summoning.

Soul Pirates 2 Long after the original release and with a lot of innovation and the newfound popularity of Atlus JRPGs thanks to Persona may cause some confusion for those who are expecting something similar to those games. Yes, many of the mechanics and systems will look familiar, however, Soul Pirates 2 Not just a character with a neon aesthetic. While some things have been simplified, others are more obscure or work differently than they do in other games. Learn these tips and tricks before starting your mission to save the world Soul Pirates 2.

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Stacks on stacks

Battle against demons in Soul Hackers 2.

All SMT and Persona games feature a similar style of elemental combat that rewards identifying and exploiting enemy weaknesses. This is also true for Soul Pirates 2, but not in the same way. Persona players will likely expect the return of the pressure system, which is where hitting an enemy with an elemental weakness inflicts more damage, but also brings them down and skip their next turn. If you defeat the entire enemy team, you can launch an all-out attack to deal massive damage.

This is not the case with Soul Pirates 2. The only similarity is that hitting enemy weaknesses will do more damage, but no longer eliminate them, and blanket attacks are now replaced with the Sabbath mechanism. Every time you or a teammate hits an enemy weakness, you’ll get one “pack” displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Once your team’s turn is over, Saturday will automatically fire and deal an extra hit to the entire enemy team as long as there is at least one pile. The more stacks you can collect in one turn, the higher the damage blast.

Fortunately, unlike proper Persona or SMT games, enemy teams can’t use Saturdays against you if you hit your team’s weaknesses.

Use your leader skills

Ringo arrives at a digital ghost in Soul Hackers 2.

Leader skills are brand new Soul Pirates 2 And it won’t unlock until you’re a few hours into the game. They will unlock as upgrades for your company (more on that below) but they should be your top priority when spending your money and resources.

The main reason for this is the fact that, in the beginning, no character in your party, even Ringo, can exchange demons during battle. This means that if you are not lucky, you can start a battle without equipping any demons that allow you to exploit enemy weaknesses. And that’s where Commander Skills comes in, with one of the first unlocked skills that finally allow you to change demons during battle.

Another early one you get makes it so every time your team takes damage to an enemy, regardless of whether you hit a weakness or not, you gain a stack. If you are an act Hit a weak spot, and then you’ll win two stacks at once, which really lets you rack up your stack counter for heavy damage on Saturdays.

These skills work on a spin-timer system, where each one has to “charge” a certain meaning for a certain number of spins before you can use them. You can see what you can use or how many turns you need to wait to be able to hit R1 In the role of any teammate.

Make friends with everyone

Ringo is standing with Soul Hackers Party 2.

Instead of social ties, Soul Pirates 2 He has a spirit level system. Although it is not quite as deep or extensive as the social connections, it is still very important to progress through the game. You’ll also want to do your best not to play favorites because hitting different spirit level thresholds will unlock new areas in that character’s spirit array dungeon.

Soul Levels will grow in different ways, such as dialogue choices and spending time getting to know them at the bar. You’ll always know which character will earn spirit levels based on the choices you make before you choose them, so there’s no guesswork, and you can always run down the entire cast whenever they’re available to hang out at the bar – unlike Persona games where you have a certain amount of time Vacuum in just one day.

Take all orders

Ringo talks to Jack Frost in Soul Hackers 2.

Very early, you will have access to Club Cretaceous. While this may seem like a place to relax, it is actually the place you need to go to pick up all the orders, or side quests, to do in the real world (we’ll explain this word choice shortly). New orders come all the time as you progress through the story and even complete other orders. These can be as simple as “Go here and beat the X demon” to answer trivia questions. There is no reason not to stop and grab every available order even if you don’t intend to do every one. You may complete a few by mistake and end up with an easy reward.

Rewards are often money or things, and it’s not a bad thing to have more of them. If you actively deal with these requests, be sure to check the recommended levels before going on a fishing trip. Also, try to pay attention to orders that are in the same area so you can double them up without having to jump back and forth to the same area. The only way to keep track of orders is through the menu, which isn’t the most convenient way when you’re fiddling with some of them at once.

Enter the Soul Matrix

Saizo choose a move.

Another type of order can be taken and completed exclusively within the Soul Matrix. These are the same in all but the name, although they can have more stringent requirements such as overcoming a powerful enemy without reaching a specific party member. Again, all of these things should be taken no matter what, unless you don’t feel level enough to deal with some of the harshest of them.

However, these optional dungeons are all associated with your party members, and each has its own “version”, although they all have an identical appearance. You can start exploring the first section of each member’s soul matrix right from the start, but eventually you’ll run into portals that won’t open unless you have a high enough soul level with that character as mentioned before.

Also, in the Soul Matrix’s main hub section, you can talk to a Ringo representative to unlock passive skills. These are some of the most valuable skills in Soul Pirates 2 Since, unlike demon skills, they are always fixed and active, but best of all, they are free! More will continue to be unlocked as you progress, so talk to Ringo here at every opportunity possible to make sure you give yourself as many buffs as possible.

Promote your companies

Ringo explores a shining city in Soul Hackers 2.

COMPs are your party’s weapons and tools to summon demons. Each member has their own COMP which takes a different form, from guns, swords, and even sai. While no character can get a new COMP, everyone can upgrade their character in different ways.

COMP Smith will provide himself as part of the early events in Soul Pirates 2, but you won’t be able to take full advantage of it for some time. That’s because COMP upgrades are among the most expensive things in the game. Not only does it cost you a lot of money, but you also need specific materials from beating demons to get different kinds of upgrades. However, they are all worth it, especially the raw damage increase and item increase.

Ringo COMP should be your top priority, because this is where you can unlock the leader skills we talked about.

Don’t play favorites with your demons

Each demon you get comes with its own skills, basic connections, weaknesses, and level. Each party member can use them one by one, and as you use them, you’ll level up their level, increase their stats as well as unlock new skills. This might lead you to find a demon you love and commit to strengthening it, but that’s not the case Soul Pirates 2 He wants you to play, and the game will eventually present a formidable roadblock.

Not only do demons stop expanding nicely with increasing challenges as you progress in the game, but they can only learn some new skills. You want to level up each demon enough to learn all of their skills because this usually rewards you with a Mystique, which is an item each character has one slot for. These usually increase the initial damage which is useful for pressing additional damage.

However, once you have everything the demon has to offer, switch it up and level up to the next level to unleash its skills and mysteries. This will also come in handy later on for merging purposes, which is how you’ll still be able to compete with higher level enemies.

Always chatting with your demons

Ringo against the demons.

When you enter a dungeon, a small scene appears where Ringo sends all her demons to explore the area. Scouting is actually a pretty bad term for her, in most ways, because she doesn’t explore the map or find enemies or anything to that extent. Instead, they will appear in various places on the map waiting for you to approach and talk to them. Whenever you see a friendly devil on the field, always talk to him.

Whatever it is, you will get some benefits from talking to your demons in dungeons. In some cases, they’ll find items for you – sometimes money or a new demon to recruit – or they can even restore your party’s HP and MP. What they’re going to offer can be had based on the icon above their head, but it doesn’t show until you’re relatively close anyway, at which point you’re already committed to talking to them.

Record your demons before fusion

Ringo, Arrow, and other party members stare at something in the distance in Soul Hackers 2.

Yet another primary SMT back in Soul Pirates 2, This is the art of merging demons. It will take a little longer than usual to get to Goumaden and unlock the fusion, but it’s as simple as always once you get there. Choose two demons to combine them together into a new, more powerful one to join your ranks.

However, never forget to record all your fiends Before begin to fuse. By registering your existing Demons, you are essentially adding them to the inventory at their current level so that you can buy them again if you need to. Most of the time, you’ll have multiple ways to fuse a new demon, but you won’t have all the demons needed to make either pair, at which point simply buy back to summon them in time, and there’s plenty. Many Faster than having to go out and try to recruit someone else of the same type.

The system is so simplified that you can even create a new demon using registered demons directly from the fusion screen and simply pay the difference without having to remember which demons you need, go to the registry, search for them, pay to summon them, then go back to the merging menu and set up the merging again. As long as you score everything as you progress, you shouldn’t get stuck merging new demons, as long as you’re at a level high enough to control them, of course.

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