The best movies like Cruel Intentions, from Jawbreaker to Fear


More than two decades since its inception, Bad intentions Fans are still talking about it. The teen movie was hailed as a cult classic and became an integral part of cinema history in the 1990s. While we were lucky to have some great teen movies in the ’90s – It’s all thisAnd the 10 things I hate about youAnd the ignorant Bad intentions It stands out among the pack as transcending the usual teen romance and diabetes in an all-out scandal and intrigue. The film shaped a generation, pushing boundaries until they were broken. No one has ever seen a teen movie like Bad intentions Before, it was sophisticated and loose. He said, “It was kind of like that movie that you weren’t supposed to tell your parents you saw.” Jordan Rossco-creator Cruel Intentions: Musicalin 2017 An interview with the Telegraph. There’s something grimly compelling about the movie – you can define it, you can criticize, you can give morals, or you can feel the rise at a strong fall. Bad intentions It sparks some perverted curiosity with a glimpse into the wild and slutty elites.

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Unsurprisingly, there are a few who have managed to live up to the cult classic since then, although none of them have surpassed their cultural significance. However, there are a variety of releases during the 1990s and 2000s that share some tempting similarities to the film. Here are some of our top picks for the tastiest Wicked Teen Dramas and Thrillers Bad intentions.

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Jawbreaker (1999)

Jawbreaker It gained a cult of its own over the years, although it wasn’t well received upon its initial release. Inspired by HeathersJawbreaker Follows three of Reagan’s most famous high school girls after they accidentally kill their best friend with a broken jaw in a kidnapping that goes wrong. However, everything hits the fan when the loser from school discovers their dirty little secret. The film is a ruthless comedy, bringing up obsessive themes of murder and sexual assault in brightly colored candy-like costumes to create a groovy juxtaposition. Sweet on the outside, but hard enough to crack a tooth.

Rose McGowanThe ruthless performance of Courtney Shane, the lead of “The Flawless Four,” is so iconic – Courtney walked so Regina George could run. Along with some quotable snippets, great costumes and a great soundtrack, Jawbreaker It is a hidden gem among teen thriller films. learn it, live it, Love her!

American Beauty (1999)

American beauty It’s a tragic, silly, cynical, and questionable movie, but it’s incredibly beautiful and attention-grabbing. Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), an advertising executive who lives a boring and monotonous life, suffers a midlife crisis when he becomes infatuated with his teenage daughter’s best friend. Many have rated this Oscar-winning film as a masterpiece filled with dark wit and stunning visuals.

while concept American beauty It seems to be simply about ordinary people in their regular group living ordinary lives, the complexity and realistic nature of each character makes it all the more compelling. The film delves deeper into humanity and the grim reality of life Bad intentions, But it similarly emulates the same sudden shock of black comedy and challenging themes that really push the envelope.

Thirteen (2003)

Catherine Hardwickeguiding debit Thirteen Focuses heavily on adolescent anxiety and controversial realistic portrayals of troubled teens. The film follows thirteen-year-old Tracy, an honors student (Evan Rachel Woodand her forays into drugs, sex and petty crime upon meeting her famous friend Evie (Nikki Reed). Along with girls, we discover (and perhaps relate to) the trials and tribulations they face in their transition to womanhood.

Thirteen The audience gives a glimpse into the dark side of being a teenager and constantly deals with all the emotional and physical problems that come with peer pressure, toxic friendships, and mental health. Even if your teen isn’t as wild as Tracy, there’s always something about him in this movie. Thirteen It is raw, frustrating but very real what many of us went through when we were 13.

Poison ivy (1992)

Poison ivy It is a dark and painful thriller about betrayal, exploitation and alienation. ivy (Drew Barrymore), teenage Lolita, befriends Sylvie (Sarah Gilbert), a wealthy but introverted student who is fascinated by her comfortable home life. Using her alluring charm, Ivy makes her way into the life of Sylvie and her perfect family. There is an element of sadness in this movie, one that seems to have more to do with loneliness than eroticism.

Poison ivy It evokes a strange sense of pathological curiosity, only to see what Ivy can do next. The result is wonderful, both exquisitely emotional and moody. Although the movie is a little melodramatic and full of trash, it’s definitely a fun watch, even if it’s just watching some of the cool costumes Barrymore wears.

The Crush (1993)

The 90’s Icon Championship Alicia SilverstoneAnd the crush is something else lolita A hidden gem inspired by the teen thriller genre. Nick (Carrie Elwes), a journalist who lives in the guesthouse of a wealthy couple, becomes the subject of their teenage daughter’s inappropriate infatuation. After rejecting her unwanted attempts, a teenager, Adrian, sets out to sabotage his life.

This movie is a little slow at first, but it pays off with some fun action and excitement later as Adrian starts to unravel. It’s striking, meticulous, and has a very reasonable performance by Silverstone. Honestly, you might find yourself feeling a little bad for it, seeing as Nick is driving it somewhat. Though, maybe not once you get to the wasp scene. all in all, crush Totally entertaining for what it is.

Wild Things (1998)

wild things It will forever be known as one of the greatest trash-thriller crime thrillers of the ’90s, with its stellar cast and captivating mystery. The film follows Police Detective Ray Duckett.Kevin Bacon) while investigating a possible conspiracy after two high school students accuse their counseling advisor of rape. There seems to be a twist around every corner in this movie, which leaves us absolutely shocked when it comes to the shocking ending.

While the movie does not Basic instinctIt sure is an exciting journey. There’s no claim that this movie is for anything other than pure entertainment value, but the plot is still well thought out and interesting. wild things It’s the kind of movie where every moment you think you know exactly how things are going, they change it up with an unexpected twist. There is not a single dull moment when watching the dark and the cabbage wild things.

Fear (1996)

afraid is another movie that has since been described as a cult classic, and it was actually Reese Witherspoonperformance here which led to her thinking of a role in Bad intentions. Nicole (Reese Witherspoon) is a beautiful suburban girl who falls in love with David (David) who seems perfect and charming (Mark Wahlberg). However, as David reveals his dark side, the possessiveness and obsession with Nicole and their “perfect” relationship grows.

Description of the film’s producer, Brian Grazer afraid as such “Fatal attraction for teenagers. The movie is very scary and disturbing, and it serves as a cautionary tale for young women. The last half of the movie is very exciting and definitely scary. Although a little cheesy at times, the movie makes up for it in action, leaving you hanging on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

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