The Gorge adds Miles Teller to Scott Derrickson’s romantic action movie


Comes hot after landing both successfully Joseph Kosinski– loud blows under the influence of summer, Top Gun: Maverick and Netflix’s spiderAnd the Miles Teller He was cast in his upcoming Hollywood blockbuster production. today, Limit revealed that injury The star will collaborate with Scott Derrickson To lead the director’s upcoming romantic film, throttle.

While details surrounding the plot have not been revealed at this time, we do know throttle It will tell a kind of high-octane adventure story with a side of romance full of tension. The feature depends on a specific script that it has crafted Zach Deanthe brain behind the 2021 sci-fi movie, Tomorrow’s war. Powered by Skydance, the production will see Teller and the company that previously stood behind the record reunited Top Gun: Maverick.

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Like Teller, Derrickson had a successful summer at the box office. Thriller horror movie directed by The Ethan Hawke-Drove black phoneIt brought in $143 million at the box office and was well received among critics and audiences alike. Over the past year, horror movies have been shining at the box office, with Halloween kills And the shout 5 They both cut the weekly numbers, but black phone Both outnumbered. With that energy and momentum, Derrickson is running toward his next project with Tyler now by his side.


Watch Tom Cruise coordinate aerial stunts in the new Top Gun: Maverick movie

Teller’s most successful summer project, Top Gun: Maverick It just flew with the global box office mark of $1.4 billion, bringing in $679 million domestically. sequel to 1986 BetterThe action-packed film moves more than thirty years after the events of the original film and its aftermath Tom CruiseThe “renegade” Pete Mitchell tries to move forward with his future while dealing with ghosts from his past. An invitation to return to train a new group of TOPGUN recruits leads him to encounter one of those ghosts in Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Teller), son of Maverick’s late friend Goose.

Tyler once again collaborated with dissident Kosinski Director of Adaptation George Saunders‘ short story Escape from spiderhead In production on screen. The feature centers around a top-secret high-security prison in which inmates undergo mental and emotional tests under the watchful eye of the mysterious and mysterious Dr. Steve Abnesty (Chris Hemsworth). spider shine too Journey SmollettAnd the Tess HubrichAnd the BeBe Bettencourt.

Along with starring throttleTeller will also serve as executive producer. David EllisonAnd the Dana GoldbergAnd the Don Granger He will produce for Skydance, with Derrickson, Robert CargillAnd the Sheryl Clark For the twisty highway. Dean’s production team completes, Adam ColbrennerAnd the Greg Goodman.

As of now, there is no release date for throttle is set. Check out Collider’s spider-Central interview with Teller below.

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