The makers of House of the Dragon explain the fate of Rhaenyra in a new feature


Dragon House It came, and it captured all of our hearts last weekend. The Game of thrones The spin-off is everything fans have come to expect – it’s sexy, bloody, and keeps us on the edge of our seats. As the world saw, absorbed, and discussed at length the first episode showmakers Ryan Kundal And the Miguel Saposhnik Explain the choices they made while piloting and shed some light on Rhinera’s position in a new feature.

The series begins with a prologue that sees the Great Council choosing between a male and a female heir to the kingdom. For the show makers, the intro was meant to evoke fan memories as well as inform new audiences about them George RR MartinFantasy world. Condall explains, “The things the Great Council has to tell you is that this is patriarchal power and that the men of the world want to keep men in power.” Which gives us an immediate understanding of the conflict that will be the core of this series. Buddy Considine Whoever plays King Viserys does not think that “he was a man who sought or wanted the crown. It came to him.” And that he just wants to keep peace in the kingdom which makes him look like Ned Stark in the original series.

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Another exciting moment in the series is the pageant scene punctuating the birth of Queen Emma. Manufacturers felt it was important to bring “Game of thrones Working style of the pilot.” Condall reveals, “Miguel’s idea was to interrupt the birth with specific combat. Because Aemma tells Rhaenyra early in the story, “The baby’s bed is our battlefield.” So the scene is meant to create the illusion of different types of battlefields. While the inventors wanted to portray “how difficult childbirth” was, it was also from “the personification of the terrible situation in which Viserys was placed”. By fate’s decree, both Aemma and baby Baelon die leaving Viserys devastated, however, says Sapochnik, “Rhaenyra finds herself unable to be the child, to be the one to be cared for. Suddenly she has to play the adult.” Millie Alcock who plays the younger version of the princess thinks it is “very painful” that she is burning her mother and brother. As Condall adds, “It’s the real last minute to force her to say goodbye this way.”

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Sapochnik explains that Viserys’ decision to choose Rhaenrya as heir was “partly out of guilt for what he did to Aemma and partly out of love.” While Considine states that Viserys is “very protective of Rhaenrya” and at the same time, he can “see the potential within her to be a great ruler” and thus goes against the trend in naming her heir. We see from the start that Rhaenyra is in a “comfortable position”, however, Alcock reveals her true mental state after all that has happened, “She sees it as the first time she has ever felt good enough for her father. She is also the first woman to be named an heiress. She has been named Viserys is heir to someone who should have deserved it, Princess Rhaenys. So, she kind of feels like there’s a reprimand in that.” However, Saposhnik doesn’t think “Rainera has any idea what she’s getting into.” And honestly neither do we!

Dragon House Episode 2 will air on August 28. Meanwhile, check out the new feature below:

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