The Worst Fictional Moms We’re Glad We Didn’t Have


Being a mother is not an easy task. Whereas television and movies have presented audiences with rosy images of motherhood ranging from the cheerful and always composed mother. The Brady BunchAnd the Carol Brady, to contemporary and comedic examples such as the tense Claire Dunphy of modern family, The reality of being a mother is a little more complicated than what we see on screen.

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While some fictional mothers seem too adorable to believe, the dark side of motherhood and the devastating effects of a horrible upbringing have found popularity in the world of film and television. Here are the best moral moms in pop culture that can make anyone grateful for the real mom they have.

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Lucille Bluth – “Arrested Development”

Lucille Bluth, played by the great late Jessica Waltersis the tyrannical mother of the Bluth family who possesses a slew of bad parenting techniques such as a generous display of bullying, guilt, passive aggression, and reverse psychology, all while sipping a dry martini before noon.

Neglected at best and cruel at worst, each child acquires some sort of complexity due to her nurture (or lack of it). To this day, Lucille Bluth remains an icon and a bad mom in the perfect sitcom, paving the way for other bad moms and providing some of the show’s funniest moments. She is a deserving mother, but ambitious in how little she cares about what people think of her.

Betty Draper – Mad Men

Speaking of glamorous but awful moms, Betty Draper is equally beautiful because she’s pointless, cold, selfish, and totally unfit to be a mom. played before January JonesBetty’s approach to motherhood reflected the gender-constrained roles of the 1960s as well as her own upbringing that valued vanity and beauty above all, which influenced how she viewed her daughter.

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She herself is almost a child, shown when she begins an unhealthy friendship with Glenn, a young boy who develops an obsession with her later in life, who is truly mean to her children on many occasions. Her character talks about how housewives struggled to form their own identities and happiness outside the home, but her dissatisfaction with life culminated in cruel behavior that will likely harm her children for life.

Beatrice Horseman – Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman A massive animated series that explores the human condition through anthropomorphic animals, with a show that examines the complexity of intergenerational trauma through the character of Beatrice Horsman (Wendy MalikAnd how did she offend her son Bojack?Will Arnett) affected him in adulthood. She showed little sympathy and love for her only child, resenting him for “ruining her life” and constantly reminding him of this throughout his growing up.

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The show’s fourth season explores how the turbulent young life of Beatrice through the loss of a mother figure and a fractured relationship with her father affected her upbringing, giving her the depth and sadness that explains it, but still doesn’t justify why she treats Bojack in this way. weak. Beatrice is after all a tragic character who has endured terrible pain her whole life, and has placed the burden of unhappiness on her child.

Margaret White – Carrie (1976)

Being a fanatical, paranoid, deeply religious woman who has her own issues with inner misogyny doesn’t make for a good mother, with Margaret White (Piper Laurie) From Stephen King curry He took the cake as a terrible effect on the weak little girl, her daughter. And it doesn’t help that said daughter is born with telekinesis, which eventually leads her down a violent path.

Margaret may have had rather good intentions for her cruel behaviour, such as locking Carrie in a ‘sin locker’ to begin her period, as she thought this would help protect her from spiritual corruption, but this had disastrous effects on her child’s psyche. To make matters worse, she actually tried to stab Carrie in the back after the infamous prom incident, which shows that she has had little support for her daughter in her entire life.

Mom – “Futurama”

Play the role of the main antagonist of the animated and sci-fi series, FuturamaMother (Trace McNeil) is the CEO of MomCorp, one of the largest manufacturers of robots in the show world making her one of the richest people on earth. She presents the audience with a healthy, graceful, and caring audience personality that differs from her real one which portrays her as a cold, greedy, ruthless and indifferent mother who literally lines up her sons to slap and abuse them at one speed. puffed up.

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She shows little interest in her children, who are relentlessly loyal to her. Mom sends her sons on dangerous missions, constantly insults them, and she admitted that she thought about giving up at least one of them when he was a baby.

Mary Jones – “Precious” (2009)

Mary Jones (MoniqueShe was the heavy smoker who was indescribably cruel to her daughter in the emotionally horrific movie costly, which helped earn Mo’Nique an Academy Award for her acting debut. Mary does little to help her precious daughter (Gabouri Sidibe) from being subjected to constant sexual abuse by her father, and being verbally abused for her desire for an education and a better life for herself and her two children.

Marie is spiteful and resentful of her daughter, and does her best to lower any amount of self-esteem that holds the Precious, even stealing the little money she gets her precious from the welfare checks. Mo’Nique did an excellent job playing Mary, and help give life to one of the worst fantasy mothers ever.


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