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Without a save function available to the player, recording progress in Thymesia can be complicated. There is a checkpoint inside the game to save the situation.

Players are creatures of habit. They are well aware that in most of the games they play, they can hit the pause button and the save button will stare at them. Sometimes the games will make them look a little sloppy, like in the setting menu. But in thymeThis save option is not available no matter how hard players try to find it.

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This does not mean that progress cannot be saved. Trying to beat the entire game without stumbling all at once would be silly (although some players will certainly find that a challenge). To find a save point in thymePlayers will need to play the game itself.

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Save with beacon

The primary way to save the game is to find a beacon and interact with it. Those who quickly understand the game’s Soulslike mechanics will be familiar with this concept as it borrows directly from the campfire system. Finding a beacon will allow players to exit and then restart the game from that location.

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There’s a big catch here and it’s also a catch in games like this: using the beacon will reset any defeated enemies. Most of the time, it’s worth saving, especially when he’s about to die, but those in the middle of a big net worth period without getting hit may want to back off the savings.


There is an autosave component in the game, but don’t get too excited about it. The feature is more present to save progress on achievements and collectibles. Those who die before officially saving in a beacon, even if auto-save occurs, will still suffer a significant relapse.

So, yes, there is technically an autosave, but it has more to do with the behind-the-scenes progress. Don’t start skipping flags just because the autosave icon appears on your screen, the day won’t be saved anytime soon.

thyme Now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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