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regiments It is a real-time strategy game (RTS game) that takes place during the Cold War in 1989. In the game, the player must control his fleet of soldiers and brave the depths of war.

There are a lot of people who enter regiments in a short period of time. However, due to the tactical nature of real-time strategy games, there are some elements that players may end up falling for. To avoid getting frustrated with the game, here are some tips for beginners that every player needs to know before getting into it regiments.

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7 Surround the enemy and stay hidden

Blaming the enemy directly is a terrible idea. If a player steps forward, they can be shot, killed, overwhelmed by the enemy, or worse. Generally speaking, taking a direct stance is not the best way to go, especially in a real-time strategy game about the Cold War.

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Instead, the player must Surround the enemy from behind to get rid of them. By infiltrating the enemy, it will be the player who has the advantage. Their enemies won’t see them coming, enabling them to blow them up quickly and efficiently.

6 Use Tactical Support

When the player goes through the game, they will realize that one of the most important tools at their disposal is the tactical support system. Tactical support is a way for the player to purchase all kinds of supplies and rewards to use in battle.

Players can use tactical support to get things like packs (which allow the player to get a random item to use in battle), air strikes, reconnaissance, etc. Players should buy as much as possible. When using tactical support, go for the packs. These can feature some excellent weapons from time to time, giving players the edge they need in a challenging RTS game.

5 Don’t let the enemy get the first attack

It may seem obvious at first, but many players don’t realize that allowing their enemy to attack first is one of the worst things they can do. Unlike anything else, this would be one of the biggest ways to allow the enemy to gain the advantage.

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Players can gain an advantage by attacking first, by making sure they see the enemy before the enemy sees them. This will ensure that the player gains an advantage over the enemy by keeping them off their guard.

4 Use Teams

When the player learns about teams, he will be able to improve greatly. Teams are great to use when it comes to specialized parts of combat and filling in weaknesses.

While the player generally gets a socket from every trades team on their mission, that doesn’t mean there are never any weaknesses that can be addressed. For example, a player can have a staff that is best at zoning, while letting his main team do the hard work.

3 Get used to hot keys

While the whole thing might not be as stressful as some other real-time strategy games, regiments It still has a few hot keys that will benefit the player from saving.

Fortunately, the player will be able to navigate the hotkeys relatively quickly. It would be a huge performance benefit, such as pressing a hotkey allowing troops to roll back or send more backups. This can save time and help players perform maneuvers quickly.

2 Change tactics to deal with negative effects

Unfortunately, when the player goes through the game, they will essentially have to roll the dice before the start of each stage of the operations. When choosing one of the four events, there is a possibility that the player will experience negative effects. These effects give the player a disadvantage in battle, such as slow speed.

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The player must learn how to manage his team and deal with every kind of flaw he encounters. With speed reduction, for example, the player must not charge the enemy directly, and instead sneak up on him and attack the enemy from behind. It is important to remain flexible and adapt to circumstances.

1 Check weapon distance

one thing regiments It does not make it clear to the player how far the player’s troops can fire their weapons. This is important for any player to know, because they need to understand how far their forces should be deployed in certain areas.

Fortunately, the player will only have to hold down the C key on the keyboard to see how far his troops can shoot him. The weapon’s distance will be determined when the player is holding down the C key, this way they will have a visual representation of how far they can fire.

regiments Available on PC.

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