Where to find Fortnite Runaway Boulders

Fortnite Runaway Boulders

Fortnite Runaway Boulders have been added to the island for the current season of Battle Royale, and if you shake them up, these giant boulders become a physics-based weapon as they roll down the nearest slope at speed. To do this, you just need to destroy the pile of rocks underneath, and while you can’t really point the rock at a specific target, it will distract any opponents that are heading toward it as it lays a path of destruction in it. his heels.

The main reason you might want to find blocks of rocks that might be harmful is because they appear in many of the Fortnite missions, giving you one more reason to send them on their way. If you’re looking for Fortnite Runaway Boulders locations so you can take down some with a Baller or a melee weapon, we’ve got you covered.

Fortnite Runaway Boulders Locations

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You’ll generally find Fortnite Runaway Boulders on mountains or high hillsides, which makes sense because they need a place to roll once they’re released. We’ve outlined a number of their locations that we encountered on the Fortnite map above, and while this is not an exhaustive list, it does give you a decent number of options to choose from. If you’re looking for prime locations, there are several Fortnite Runaway Boulders on top of Rave Cave, clustered around Seven Outpost II in the mountains to the northwest of the island.

How to boost in Runaway Boulder and kick it out with Baller in Fortnite

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To boost in Runaway Boulder and remove it with Baller in Fortnite, you first need to find one of those vehicles, easily all Fortnite Ballers are located in and around Rave Cave to the western side of the map. Once you’ve driven a mechanical hamster ball, you can roll it to one of the Fortnite Runaway Boulders, then follow Boost’s prompt to blast it off quickly and get it off its moorings. The quickest way to achieve this is to visit the brightly colored platform next to the roller coaster track on the eastern face of Rave Cave Mountain, where you can grab a Baller and then hit the Runaway Boulder behind that station next to a port-potty.

How to banish or destroy Runaway Boulder with a melee weapon in Fortnite

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For this Week 3 Challenge Quests, you need to knock out or destroy three escaped rocks using a melee weapon. The reaper, which you have on hand at all times, is a Fortnite combat weapon, so all you have to do is find three escaped rocks – ideally around Rave Cave as there are plenty there – and give them, or the rocks that hold them in place, a bash to expel them. Destroying the rocks themselves is a little tricky because they have a lot of health and move around a lot, so we think that dislodging them is the easiest way. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the map above so you know where to look!

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