16-month-old brain dead saves multiple lives through organ donation

A 16-month-old boy became a legend by donating organs during his death and saving many lives. The young boy, called Rishant, was declared dead after suffering a serious head injury while falling while playing in Delhi earlier this month.

Rishant’s father Upinder, a private contractor by profession, was on his way to work when he learned of the tragedy and ran back. The baby boy was taken to a private hospital near his home in Jamuna Park in Delhi. Rishant was subsequently admitted to the Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center (JPNATC), AIIMS on August 17, the day of the accident. He was declared brain dead a week later.

After the family was counseled by doctors and transplant coordinators at ORBO, AIIMS, they realized that Rishant’s members could breathe life into others and decided to donate the organs. Richant members helped save two lives.

Richant was the only son after five sisters and his organs were donated following due process at AIIMS.

The grieving father said, “I was busy leaving for work on that fateful morning and couldn’t even hold my baby in my arms. But I felt that if his organs could save other lives, then I should donate them.”

Rishant’s uncle said, “We donate food, clothes and money to those in need. Today our child is no longer with us, only his memories and his body remain. If his organs can help someone in need, there is nothing better than that.”

Rishant members have been designated by the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO). Kidney was transplanted into a 5-year-old boy at AIIMS, New Delhi and the liver was transplanted into a 6-month-old female at Max Hospital. His heart valves and corneas are stored at AIIMS New Delhi.


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