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Virtual photography is becoming an increasingly popular activity among gamers. Although it’s hard to track exactly where it started from, somewhere around 2015 the idea of ​​having a “Picture Mode” arose, allowing people to take pictures within the world of video games. It began appearing in a growing range of titles across different companies. The exact options varied, but the basic principle of having a tool that allows players to freely take and share photos of their in-game adventures has proven hugely popular. Virtual photography using in-game portrait mode has grown into an art form in its own right, with virtual photographers practically growing into a subset of gamers. Even some of the more obscure indie games have embraced the idea.

But while virtual photography continues to grow as a hobby, and the range of titles that support it continues to expand, there are still games that fail to recognize the value of still photo mode. Some of these are big developers with hugely popular games, yet their franchises continue to resist the growing presence of virtual photographers. These are major perks for which studios need to start putting proper image placement into their games.

Today’s video games

6 bioshock

the original bioshock The games are unfortunately dated before the advent of virtual photography. The closest a player could get to were the search cameras on the first two, and even those were barely effective at getting high-quality images. Photography wasn’t their main job in the game – the cameras were meant to be a way to gather information to help with survival.

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While it’s understandable why Ken Levine’s portrait mode didn’t appear at the time of game development, it’s a pity given the series’ talent for stunning environments and situations. Modern virtual photographers will have a lot of fun capturing all the details of Rapture and Columbia, or the various alien characters encountered. Great photo opportunity for older parents would be great. Fortunately, there is a new game in production. Hopefully he can finally correct this shortcoming in previous titles.

5 Call of duty

Activision’s trademark first-person shooter game series has fallen seriously behind the scenes. The distinctive characters, fast-paced action, and highly detailed environments have a cinematic quality that would be exceptional for virtual photography, yet players didn’t get any, even after the release of eight games at a time when virtual photography has grown as an art form.

To make things even weirder, forefront They actually took the step of hiring professional war reporters to take pictures in the game with an expensive virtual camera, yet they didn’t bother adding an audience-accessible portrait mode. The only hope at the moment is that this can eventually be changed Modern Warfare II. Unfortunately, Activision hasn’t made any statements one way or the other yet.

4 war equipment

Microsoft’s popular series of third-person shooters has been around for a long time, and has always had a cinematic quality. There is no shortage of action scenes, destruction, unique environments, and exotic encounters that would be great for setting pictures.

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The first three titles were released before virtual photography was widely established, but a remastered re-release of the original trilogy with the addition of Portrait Mode is sure to get fans excited. But unfortunately, it has not yet appeared in newer titles. Somewhat frustratingly, producer Rod Ferguson promised to put a picture of gears 5, But that never happened. The photo mode in any of the games will offer some exciting opportunities, from capturing epic duels with chainsaw guns to raging brumaks. Hopefully that will be addressed when they announce War Gears 6.

3 Hello

Microsoft’s other popular shooting franchise was also guilty of not accommodating virtual photography. until The Master Chef Group, With her Transformers from the first two games, she didn’t. Many fans were disappointed to find out that there is no photo mode Halo: infinitealthough it was in other big games around the same time.

The series certainly contains good material for photographs. Master Chief is likely to be a popular subject for photos, not to mention sci-fi environments, vehicles, explosions, and a variety of aliens that would also make for interesting shots.

2 the magician

While it may not suit everyone’s tastes, few can deny it The Witcher III: Wild Hunt Some amazing visuals. Showcasing the world and its characters some amazing designs with a lot of attention to detail. Unfortunately, the game itself did not have a proper picture mode. Some players have tried to get around it with the Nvidia Ansel app, but this solution only works on PC. Console players are left stuck.

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The lack of picture placement is unfortunate, given the array of exciting character designs and landmarks to encounter across the game’s medieval fantasy world, not to mention the many action sequences and monsters that would make for great visuals. If CDProjekt Red makes a file The fourth witcherShe should definitely make sure to correct this bug.

1 yakuza

yakuza The series has played with photography on a small scale before, but not to an amazing degree. Some games used the protagonist’s cell phone to take selfies, or mini games about capturing unlikely events at the right moment. Yakuza: Like a dragon It allowed the player to take pictures with some editing options, but it was still confined through the cell phone camera of the hero. What you really need is a proper image placement like those in other popular franchises. like a dragon It comes close, but it still needs free camera movement.

On top of that, a lot of the photographs in this series are limited to the quieter parts of the open world that lack many of the photo’s interesting themes. This is a chain known for its work. Sometimes a player can’t even walk down the street without being drawn into a fistfight every five seconds. Players should be able to get epic shots of fight sequences, or opportunities to take close-ups on famous characters.

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