AFC Asian Cup 2022: A short-term focus on building on the strengths of Bangladesh


The newly appointed head coach of T20 Bangladesh, Sridharan Sriram on Thursday was very vocal about what the Bangladesh cricket team must do in order to achieve success. He indicated what needs to be done on a professional level. Bangladesh were completely outperformed on the Zimbabwe tour as they lost both to the series.

He took over from Russell Domingo as the team earlier lost to Zimbabwe in the T20I series. BCB kicked Russell Domingo out of his T20I setup and told him to focus on ODIs and tests. Bangladesh received a lot of criticism as there was no intention of the hitters as they could not chase 10 runs each more.

Sriram’s first media interaction

I think it’s very simple and I’m very clear about my role here, perhaps bringing in resources. We have some very good coaches and I totally trust what they do. My job is primarily to work with the captain, work with the team manager and bring in the skill coaches, bring the three components together and use my T20 experience in IPL and Australia, and present a strategy where we can use our resources properly. So I’m very clear about my role and I’m not saying I’m leading the side, I’m just trying to cooperateSridharan Sriram said.

Sridharan Sriram for RCB.  Pictures - Twitter
Sridharan Sriram for RCB. Pictures – Twitter

Going into a culture like Bangladesh, I understand the upbringing and I understand the way they approach the game, and at the same time, I can fulfill this professionalism and expectations. I can really set clear expectations of what is required at this level from a professional point of view. So I think it’s a good combination and I’m looking forward to it,” he said, adding that he was not ready to accept that Bangladesh is a weak team in the T20s.

“I’m coming in with a new set of eyes. I was looking at that stat when – we took a wicket, we were on average one of the best in the world to get the first three wickets, and when it comes to the top five, we’re probably one of the best in the world. Bangladesh does a lot of things right.

“It’s not about what they haven’t done well, it’s about holding back, what they’re doing well and getting the best out of them. My focus in a short space of time will be on their strength and what they’re doing really well and building on those strengths.”

Sriram Ali Shakib Al-Hassan

“It is a great move to have Chakib as a captain and I interacted with him for the first time. I respected him as an opponent and it is very encouraging to see what he thinks of T20. He is very modern, he was very refreshing and we were on the same page. The dynamics he has with the younger group is very amazing and the youngster is looking forward To him, they respect him but he is also very friendly and he is a unique kind. It is a very good dynamic between the captain and the team, and I think it will be a very positive and refreshing move for Bangladesh,” He said, adding that they will soon get used to the heat in the Emirates which has turned into a talking point ahead of the Asian Cup..

Shakib Al-Hassan (Image source: Twitter)
Shakib Al-Hassan (Image source: Twitter)

“It’s our first outdoor session and we’re stepping in. We’ve been literally out and about in town, and this is really our first practice session. It’s a weird time of the day when we train, we don’t really train between 9 and 11 very often so we’re going to start in steps and get bigger. Intensity slowly.We’ve had three more sessions and two between four and six sessions so it’s good to mix and match to get stuck in the heat,“He is done.

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