Amazon Plan on a Buy EA, report claims claim

The report's for the win report shows that Amazon might be looking for electronic art. The report claims that sources indicated to GLHF, the Swedish media company that publishes For the Win on USA Today, that Amazon will announce a formal offering to acquire Electronic Arts [...]

This report is reported from USA Today’s For the Win. A report says that sources have indicated to GLHF, the Swedish media company that publishes For The Win on USA Today, that Amazon will announce a formal offer to acquire Electronic Arts today. There are thousands of reports and rumors that EA is being brought forward by the likes of Disney, Apple and Amazon.

The report has a narrow edge, that the announcement will be made later today. There aren’t any specificities to the terms or the same. It is also worth noting that CNBC’s David Faber came out to state immediately that sources told him that Amazon would not, in fact, acquire Electronic Arts. You can see a clip of Faber appearing on TV a bit below.

The sources say that Amazon won’t make an offer for Electronic Arts, according to @DavidFaber. The price of $EA increased earlier in the week after the report made it appear that a “rumor” was heard. : 009_wwk

CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) August 26, 2022

“EA certainly sounded out in the past and at least not considering what it was likely to do.” You might think Amazon might have some interest,” Faber says in the clip. “No, this will not happen today, is from what I’m hearing, unless the people who’d been involved have no idea.”

A report in May about electronic Arts shopping at a buyer’s door, specifically pointed out that an agreement from earlier this year that Microsoft agreed to buy Activision for $68,7 billion. Basically, Activision getting sold only made EA more interested. “Various sources familiar with these talks say EA is persistent in pursuing a sale, and just grown more emboldened after the Microsoft-Activision deal,” wrote Dylan Byers at that time.

Amazon and Electronic Arts have not officially said anything about this acquisition for now. There was a statement to Eurogamer by an EA spokesperson but we didn’t comment on the rumors and rumors related to acquiring the goods.

What do you think of the scuttlebutt Amazon could announce it intends to acquire Electronic Arts as soon as today? Do you really think that will happen?

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