Angry Kane ‘stop play’ Guram told Man Utd before ‘wary’ Neville ‘were not talking to Roy that way’ – The Sun

Andy Guram angrily told Roy Keane to ‘stop’ at Manchester United before ‘afraid’ Gary Neville warned him ‘We don’t talk to Roy that way’.

The late Scotsman, who died at the age of 58 in July of this year from cancer, got into an argument with the former hard-line Red Devils when he arrived at Old Trafford on loan from Motherwell in 2001.

    Andy Guram is angry at Kane for doing that "f**k off" In a training session at Manchester United


Angry Andy Guram tells Kane to ‘f**k off’ in training session at Manchester United
    Guram passed away at the age of 58 in July of this year


Guram passed away at the age of 58 in July of this year

Guram found himself at Old Trafford after Fabian Barthez and Raymond van der Goe sustained injuries ahead of a crucial Champions League match against Bayern Munich.

But there was no welcome party from the headstrong captain, who made no secret of his hatred for the former Rangers and Oldham star.

In a 2020 interview with womanGuram lifted the lid on an explosive attack with the fiery midfielder during a training session.

Guram recalled the moment they met: ‘Shark eyes. Dead, devoid of emotion, staring at me. No handshake. Welcome to Manchester United, Roy Keane style.’

“There were clashes between us. One day in training, we were playing an eight-man game and Kane and Luke Chadwick were up front for my team.

“I’ve always prided myself on the accuracy of my kicks, of being able to pick a player from a distance, and that day I shot half a peach at Chadwick’s foot.

“The kid grabbed the ball and flew his plane over the bar. Suddenly, I was the target of Kane’s barrage of abuse.” Hey, give me the damn ball,” he shouted.

‘I replied, ‘What, do you get the ball just because you’re Roy Keane?

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“It was icy from that moment on, and on the way away from the field, Gary Neville kissed me. He said to me, ‘Golie, we don’t talk to Roy like that here.'” We just don’t talk.”

“It was insightful for me. Of course I respected Kane as a player, but I just couldn’t get over it.”

the husband “They haven’t exchanged a civil word in the three months” while the Rangers legend was on loan at the club.

Guram’s tenure with United did not last long with him as he scored only two appearances on his childhood side.

The two games – a 4-2 win at Coventry and a 2-1 defeat at Southampton – ended with his replacement.

United went on to win the Premier League title in 2001 and set the current record for winning their first Premier League title.

The Red Devils’ encounter with Coventry on April 14 of that year saw them win the league with five games remaining.

Keane had a fearsome reputation during his pomp and once had a major fling with teammate Peter Schmeichel at a hotel reception.

He also revealed that he wasn’t warm with Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand because he didn’t get their banter – and he didn’t miss them when he left the Red Devils after 12 years with the club.

United legend Teddy Sheringham revealed a quarrel with the Irishman.

The wine-filled feud ended in three and a half years of silence between the two greats of Old Trafford.

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