Archer has a huge celebrity fanatic (and he’s perfect)

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With largely making fun of this type, star Lucky Yates reveals it archer He has a huge celebrity fan, and he is perfect on Daniel Craig. The English actor is recently emerging from his 15-year tenure as Eon James Bond The film franchise as the iconic super spy, which helped launch him to international stardom. In the years since his debut in Bond in Casino RoyaleCraig has received more acclaim for his work in The girl with the dragon tattoo, Logan Lucky And the Take out the knivesfor which he received a Golden Globe nomination for which he is preparing to return for the sequel glass onion Release later this year.

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archer It mainly parodies the espionage genre and focuses on the titular super-spy of John Benjamin and his colleagues in his dysfunctional intelligence agency. Throughout its 12 seasons, the series has featured a wide range of notable guest stars, including Burt Reynolds, Kumail Nanjiani, Patrick Warburton, Jamie Lee Curtis and Simon Pegg, among others. with archer Having received widespread critical acclaim and fan followings since its 2009 premiere, the show appears to hold a special place in a celebrity’s heart.

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while talking exclusively with splash screen To discuss the new season of the show, Lucky Yates shared it archer He has a huge and wonderful celebrity fan of Daniel Craig. The Krieger actor revealed that the former James Bond actor loves the show and even paid a visit to his studio while he was in town filming something else. See what Yates shared below:

By the way, Daniel Craig loves this show, so it’s almost as if we kissed the Pope. Oh yeah, he’s a huge fan. He visited the studio when he was in town shooting a movie or another, and his representative called the studio only to say, “So, Daniel Craig is a huge fan of Archer, and he wants to walk around the studio where you’re making it.” Everyone went scrambling and got the place ready, and it was like that [fun]. But yes, he loves it.

Although the schedule when he visits the studio is unknown, Yates reveals that Daniel Craig is a major archer The fan reveal should be interesting to fans of both the show and the former James Bond actor. Looking at the animated comics, it is largely inspired by James Bond The franchise, including the titular character’s penchant for femininity and drinking and high-octane action sequences, it is understandable that a confidant of the long-running spy film franchise will find some appreciation on the show. What will be interesting to see is if the producers are behind them archer Craig could finally be brought in for a cameo in the series, especially considering his recent forays into the comedy genre with Logan Lucky And the Take out the knives.

Even if Craig doesn’t look great, the fact that he’s such a big person archer A fan is sure to enhance the love of many audiences for the actor and the show. It will also be interesting to see if other James Bond alumni come out in the near future sharing their praise for the show now that Craig’s love for him is now well known. Fans can catch up on the first twelve seasons of archer It’s streaming on Hulu now and new episodes of Season 13 airing Wednesdays on FXX.

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