Battlefield 2042 annonces Season 2: Master Of Arms

Electronic Arts announced the next season for Battlefield 2042, with the official release of Season 2: Master of Arms on August 30th. It's been a hot moment since we've heard anything about this game, since the updates seem to have become less than the most important. The team looks like it's just trying to make up [] the whole team.

Electronic Arts announced the next season for Battlefield 2042, as they are celebrating Season 2 in the series Master Of Arms on August 30th. It’s been a very hot minute since we heard what was going on in this game, the updates seem to have become scarce and far between. The team seems to be looking to break up that with a season packed with content that keeps you busy for a long time. There are three major things in this – the name of a new specialist, new weapons, new vehicles, and several cosmetics, many of which are available on the Free tier track for the Battle Pass, but they are also available in paid versions. You can read all the new content below, as it launches next Tuesday.

Credit: Electronic Arts

The battlefield moves to the Panama Canal in the new map, with the drained lake for the missionary: the Starg Ceres, now serving as an illicit arms trading center. Players are fighting for control over this dark market hive of military hardware. The player will find a very pleasant environment for close-quarters combat, with a high volume of covers and short distances between objectives. Charismatic ex-arms dealerCharlie Crawfordjoins the fray in Season two as the newest specialising-a-specialist-looking in Boston 2042. When he’s not pinning enemies with his mounted Vulcan stationary minigun, but also in use by other Specialists, he’s helping his teammates by reviving them and refilling their gadgets.

The Master of Arms has a lot of new weapons, new vehicles and new gadgets. The newer AM40, a powerful engine, is designed for a midpoint between an assault rifle and a submachine gun. Avancys is an advanced, ultra-modern light machine gun that brings stability and attachment compatibility to the intel network, a rifle who likes to enlist and defend enemy-smokers from the front with rifles and a rifle gun, and features a large magazine, ideal for fighting enemies. The newConcussion Grenade is an amazingly flexible device designed to temporarily confuse and diorient you, giving you a tactical edge. No-Pats can now move along the battlefield in the EBLC-RAM, a four-seater vehicle that can withstand a weak acceleration and pose a beacon on which the whole team can run. On top of this, and in the first update of the season, players will also have access to the fast and funPolaris RZR, a lightweight buggy designed to zip around the terrain.

New features in Season 2 includeAssignments, a way to unlock weapons in All-Out Warfare which were only available withinBattlefieldPortal, starting with the iconic M60E4 and M16A3, but more will come in future updates. Players may also use Assignments to unlock Season 1’s vehicles, weapons, and Specialist if they missed out the first time.TheBattlefieldPortal will receive new Builder capabilities, greatly expanding the sandbox to accommodate players. This new preset for Custom Conquest allows for a new rule modification to the Classic Conquest mode. Using user-editable goals will create a large number of new games. Enough, the first update of the season promises to bring additionalBattlefieldPortal content and extra-small playspace capabilities, all with a variety of abilities, with additional additions from 3,Battlefield 2,Battlefield 1942, and 5 classic weapons from acrossBattlefield 3.

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