Best Nintendo Switch SD Cards of 2022: Expand Your Storage for Less

Nintendo Switch SD card deals

One of the downsides to the Switch is the low internal memory, and this is where the best Nintendo Switch SD cards come in. With the biggest and most underrated games hitting the eShop every day, boosting your storage is more important than ever. Even the newer Nintendo Switch OLED (64GB) will eventually fill up. As such, getting a Nintendo Switch memory card is a good idea for all console owners…no matter what version they have.

The best Nintendo Switch SD cards can expand your system up to 2TB. Of course, very few Ninty fans need that much space. In fact, many can get 128GB if you split between downloads and game carts, potentially upgrading to 200GB or 256GB in the future. While this is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories you can get on day one, you don’t need to prove yourself too much in the future thanks to those relatively low prices.

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