Beth Reeves on Lea and Han Solo’s wedding in The Princess and the Rascal


earlier this month, star Wars Fans are warmly invited to the wedding of a certain lovable princess and the sassy-looking nerver – better known as Princess Leia and Han Solo. set after events Return of the JediAs the galaxy comes to terms with the Empire’s defeat and Leia personally reconciles the fact that Darth Vader was her father and Luke Skywalker as her brother, Beth Reevesprincess and bastard He welcomes readers into the lives of Lea and Han as they get engaged, marry and drift into a world full of danger and adventure on their honeymoon.

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If you have not received a copy of princess and bastard However, you should take the time this weekend to pick up a copy of this New York Times bestseller and immerse yourself in this romantic adventure. And while you’re at it, you should get a copy of Revis Star Wars: Rebel Uprisingwhich is a file rogue one Prequel story and novel perfect to read in the lead up Andor.

During our interview with Beth Revis, the writer spoke about her contributions to the vast world of writing star Warswriting process princess and bastardHow to tell a story about Han and Leia, the Easter eggs included in the novel, tell a story that takes place aboard the Halcyon, the global version of the Galactic Starcruiser from Walt Disney World.

Colider: I previously wrote one of my favorite novels, Star Wars: Rebel UprisingI also wrote two stories in From a certain point of view Anthology. How was the landing process? princess and bastard?

Beth Reeves: When I wrote the story of Jane Erso in the language Star Wars: Rise of the Rebels, I spent a lot of time researching how to plot rogue one Show Jane’s character, and dive deep into how Jane functions as a character. In many ways, I did the same with the characters I wrote in the anthology – we all know the plot star WarsAnd I was peeling back the characters behind that plot.

for princess and bastard, I had to take the exact opposite approach – instead of using the plot to understand the characters, I already knew the characters. Han Solo and Leia Organa are arguably the most recognizable characters in the entire galaxy – theirs and ours! My challenge in this story became to analyze the characters to come up with an entirely new plot. It has transformed my writing style and a different approach to start with.

I know everyone has different approaches when it comes to preparing for a book. I’m a Pinterest connoisseur and playlist maker. Do you have a playlist for princess and bastard? Were there any songs that just screamed for you from Han or Leia?

Revis: Actually, I watched bio star wars And the Star Wars Vehicle Flythroughs Repeatedly. It’s perfect for setting the mood in writing a star Wars the book! These very short films don’t have words – I can’t listen to music or watch something with dialogue as I type – but mood music paired with different hints star Wars The settings were perfect. I watched these two short films in a loop and kept playing them in the background while I worked on the book.

It’s crazy to think about that Courtship of Princess Leia Almost thirty years. How was it like reinventing the concept with something new, modern and aimed at a new generation of star Wars fans?

REVIS: I grew up on Legends books, and thanked some of my favorites in my appreciation for princess and bastard. Being able to add a new story to the galaxy? Brainstorming. I don’t view this book as a revamp, but rather as a different reality — after all, Qui-Gon was right when he said, “Your focus determines your reality.” There are a lot of different stories in this galaxy, and there is one truth among the many stories out there that include mine. I wanted to reach people like I used to, when I traded paperback books on the school bus with my best friend. For me, Young Jedi Knights was an introduction to the wider world outside of movies. I hope that princess and bastard It can reach people who may not know the original trilogy either or who are not aware that there are more stories behind the films.

When you write, do you have a fixed end point in sight from the start? Or do you give the characters room to surprise you on the page?

Review: With a character like Han Solo, how can there be no surprises while writing? I outlined the entire book before writing it, with every intention of following this outline, but I veered a few times, mostly for the sake of everything.

Was there anything that surprised you while you were writing Han or Leia? Did you come across some quirks or nuances when their voices developed in ways you weren’t expecting?

REVIS: Getting the sounds right was vital – banter and quarrels are love languages ​​for these two, and if you get out of their voices, every reader will know. this is not Mine Personalities; Han and Leia belonged to both loved ones, and I knew I couldn’t misunderstand their voices. I tested almost every line of dialogue with my husband – I had him read Han’s lines out loud, and I read Lia’s words, all in an effort to get just the right tone.

What actually surprised me the most while writing, were the callbacks The Empire strikes back. The book picks up the same night that Return of the Jedi It’s over, smoke from the fires still lingers in the woods. I was expecting to draw a lot of Return of the Jedibut a lot of feelings were pulled from empire –Han’s carbonate freeze and his loss of a year for Leia became a crucial emotional connection for the two of them. I had to carry this double timeline in my head, that Leia had spent an entire year alone knowing her love, and Han still fresh awake from his frozen time by the time of the Battle of Endor.

Are there any “Easter eggs” you’re excited to discover for readers as they dive into the book?

Revis: Of course, I made sure to sprinkle fun Easter eggs all over the books! some are star Wars specific, and fans will notice little details that others might overlook. I had to call back my first star Wars Novel, including a planet I have to make up Rebel uprising in princess and bastard. If you’re a fan of comics and other books in the fandom, you’ll learn about the characters and events – out of my head, you might notice a certain Jelucan rebel from lost starsimportant board from Bounty hunters war Caricatures, and even a bit of juvenile narration run the getaway.

Beyond star Wars From the references, I’ve included an important nod to two of my favorite science fiction authors – Madeleine L’Engle and Ursula K. Le Guin – I think readers will easily find out. And I hid the names of some friends and family members in some of the background characters.

Were there any specific moments between Han and Leia that you found yourself revisiting either in films or in previous novels?

Reeves: It surprised me a lot, but I kept coming back to Bisbeen. I’ve watched the original trilogy a dozen times to prepare for the book, but the only scene that really stood out to me was Han and Leia on Bespin, before realizing they had been lured into the trap, when Leia was worried and Han’s brow kissed her. For me, this is the turning point – where love grew, even before either of them could say a word. This is where flirtation gave way to serious thought, as trusting each other became stronger than any self-doubt.

Is it hard to write Han and Leia in the glow of a new love knowing that their marriage, their future, and his son all end in tragedy?

Revis: While we may know what happens over the course of these characters’ lives, it’s important to remember that Han and Leia don’t know their futures. Just as it is important to remember that love has value when it is present in the moment. I actually think it’s nice to celebrate Han and Leia’s love, even knowing what’s going to happen in the future – should we deny happiness just because we know it’s going to end one day? of course not. We seize the moments that we can; We enjoy it, in part because we know it can’t last.

What do you hope readers will take away from the novel?

REVIS: I really hope that readers lose themselves for now, just as Han and Leia do, and I hope that readers take from this story the same thing Han and Leia take out of it: knowledge that we should always celebrate with love and joy. There is an ongoing theme for star Wars That we should never lose hope, no matter how bad things get, and that is true – but we also need to remember the things we hope for, and value them whenever we get them, for as long as possible. star Wars It is about hope, yes, but this book takes us beyond that, where hopes are fulfilled, where we live in the love and joy that is the reward for holding such unwavering hope.

Han and Leia’s honeymoon wallpaper is Halcyon. Were you on the Galactic Starcruiser? I recently spoke with the back team LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation, and They talked about getting into the concept of art and details about the ship. Was this something you should use as well?

REVIS: While I wasn’t on board Halcyon, I feel like after studying all the maps and concept art! The really cool thing I was able to do was take myself away from the idea of ​​it being a hotel and think of it from the perspective of a ship, and bypass the “open” spaces into the restricted areas of Halcyonin areas where it is real.

Far from being written, arguably, it is one of the best star Wars Romance so far, what’s your favorite part of bringing it back to life princess and bastard?

Revis: There was a moment early this year when the book was done, but no one read it but me. And at that moment, it was as if I had my own personal place in a galaxy far, far away. I was not a fictional author. I was a biographer, a silent witness to the greatest love story of all time. And that? It was magical. The only thing better than living in that galaxy with my favorite characters is getting a chance to share it with the people who love them like me.

princess and bastard It is for sale now. Check out the promo video for the novel below:

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