Big Brother 24: Strongest Alliances, ranked

Split image of The Leftovers alliance meeting in the HoH room and Daniel and Nicole wearing masks in scenes from Big Brother 24.

As with every season Big brotherForming alliances began in the first week of season 24, with Daniel approaching Nicole immediately, stating that he liked her energy and was confident they should have two final deals. From there, alliances came and went, some more strategic and enduring than others.

While many alliances had already lost one or more of their members, some now-defunct alliances were on a good track until something derailed their plans.

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6 Girls’ Alliance Girls

It was great that the ladies were trying to form an alliance to get the guys out. Ironically, it was Nicole, who was not technically in this formal alliance, who suggested this, hoping that they would have the most powerful all-female alliance in the history of the show.

The alliance included Jasmine, his princess, Brittany, Indy and Paloma with Nicole and Taylor being the only female excluded. The alliance could have made history, but instead, the ladies chose to focus on other side alliances within the group. This left Brittany feeling like she was not included and prompted the players to form their alliance with her and Taylor out of anger at the way they, and especially Taylor, were treated by both other females and males like Daniel outside the alliance. . The Girls Girls Alliance concept backfired, but if the alliance included all girls, they could have been a force to be reckoned with.

5 rogue mice

The Rogue Rats consisted solely of Daniel and Nicole, who were originally two of the most beloved house guests on Big Brother 24. From day one, they realized that they got along so well with each other, and it made sense to reconcile them. Daniel approached Nicole during their first week at home and suggested they form two final alliances. He was confident that she was someone he could trust and felt the same way.

They both held to their alliance with Daniel as the only vote to keep Nicole at home when she was ousted by nearly unanimous decision. As far as strong alliances go, they could have been Cody and Derek for this season had Daniel not made the blunder veto, thinking Taylor would have come home rather than his closest ally.

4 Po’s Pack . Alliance

It was a lovely way to honor their friend who decided to leave the show in order to preserve her mental health, an impressive decision. After clearing herself of herself, she ranked her between Big brother Paloma’s closest allies in the game formed this alliance between the contestants to end the show, with “Boo” referring to Paloma.

It consisted of Monty, Princess, Kyle, Alyssa, Michael and Nicole. And although the alliance has not officially broken up, as some believe it still exists (as evidenced, for example, when Nicole mentioned to Monty that they were allies in the game), everyone has teamed up with others they feel more comfortable working with. Given that two people from this alliance had disappeared, it was safe to assume that by now, the Po’s Pack had officially gone their separate ways. Although they didn’t accomplish anything, the fact that the players got together to show a former house guest watching at home that they supported and supported her was one reason why the Po’s Pack was included in the list.

3 Kyle and Alyssa

There is no alliance between Kyle and Alyssa because they don’t talk much about the game, other than when Alyssa expressed her feeling betrayed by Kyle when a princess was sent home. But after he and Daniel rescue her from the building, Alyssa feels indebted to him. (Meanwhile, it was Daniel who made the decision, taking the burden off the shoulders of Cale who was struggling to save her or stick to his alliance plan.)

However, the shows go one of two ways in the show: they get to the end together in the game because they are two people who trust each other implicitly and work to save each other, or they are sent home because of it. Given how much they both like, they might end up making it together, inadvertently helping each other out by sharing information from both sides of the house. But she’s up in the air, which is why they both rank first in the group in terms of the guests with the best chance of winning Big Brother 24According to Reddit.

2 leftovers

By far, the show’s most powerful big alliance is known as The Leftovers, a group that formed in protest when they realized the ladies were banding together to take out the men. Leftovers include Turner, Kyle, Joseph, Monte, Brittany, Taylor and Michael. Formed during Turner HoH’s reign, Kyle’s idea was to get together and turn the house upside down by secretly targeting a princess, whom they dubbed the “Snake Head” of the opposing alliance.

The fact that this group came together because they all felt they were at the bottom of the other alliances they were in, and to support Taylor, who they felt had been bullied and unfairly treated, makes them a useful but also deadly group for revenge. They managed to take out two goals, in a row. All of them have paired up with Festie Bestie not in the alliance to ensure their safety. (Michael and Brittany are excluded, but they’re still the number one Festie Bestie pairs most likely to go on. Big Brother 24.) And they have control over the numbers. This suggests that if they continue together, this group of seven is likely to come to an end.

1 Michael and Brittany

Despite the strength of The Leftovers, Festie Bestie’s pair Michael and Brittany are in the strongest position in the game. Michael can win competitions, he knows the game inside and out as a super fan, and he’s joined forces with someone he considers her number one and is confident he can win against her in the end if he sits next to her.

It’s the best alliance in the game but it only benefits Michael unless Brittany is happy with the second place award. Once the doubles twist is over, Michael will likely start moving in force and start winning again. When he doesn’t, Brittany has the ear of ladies outside of the Leftovers alliance who don’t know she gets along with men and can divert goals away from herself and Michael. It’s a great pairing.

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