ESL to have live audiences for the first time since two years

The tournament organizer will welcome the CS:GO fans to follow the NHL game in Malta.

The upcoming edition of one of the world’s most competitive CS:GO tournaments will see a live crowd following the playoffs at the Salini Resort in Malta.

The last season of the CS:GO competition to feature a live audience since season 10, which was held in Odense, Denmark in December 2019. In all the following editions, the league stopped welcoming fans.

The news comes as part of the expansion of its partnership with the Economy and EU Funds Funds and Lands fund into a GamingMalta foundation. The deal for both parties has been extended for the next three years, starting with the season 16 of the ESL leagues which will run from 31 Aug to 2.

We are happy to announce that the #ESLProleague is coming back to Malta for the next three years! Since starting game with @gamingmalta, the group stage of Season 16 resumes on August 31st and the playoffs will host a live audience. Stay updated:

6 DAYS UNTIL ESL PRO LEAGUE S16 (@ESLCS) August 25, 2022

There will be live audience and a view during the Playoffs. This venue was created for ESL Pro League in the Salini resort by Gaming Malta and ESL for the season 16 of ESL competition. In the group stages there won’t be a live audience. Please be patient if you wish to attend the playoffs. Tickets will be available on September 5th, 2015.

Two-four of the world’s best CS:GO teams, including Faze Clan, Natus Vincere, Cloud9 and Team Liquid, will compete in the ESL Championship season 16 and play for the highest prize pool of 83,000. The final stage of the tournament should begin between September and October.

You can browse the season 16 group of the ESL club here and see their schedule.

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