Even Boruto knows who the most frustrated Naruto fan’s favorite ninja is

Boruto laughing at an old picture of the Konoha 11 from the original Naruto.

one of Boruto The main appeals are to know how many ninjas are loved by Naruto Transformed as adults. From Naruto’s role as Hokage to Shikamaru’s role as his advisor, it’s almost sad to see these characters all grown up after following them for so long. Still though, while many Naruto The little ninja had become incredibly powerful and successful by then Borutothe son of the Seventh Hokage believes that Shino has never lived up to his potential.

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introduce in Naruto Chapter 34, Shino has always been one of the most interesting 11 Konoha shinobi. With his gentle demeanor, iconic shades, and fearsome insect powers, Shino has distinguished himself from many of the outgoing and most obnoxious members of his class. While Shino has rarely had more of a supporting role throughout the original series, the few times he’s been able to bring out the legitimate uses of his unique strength set stand out as the series’ highlights. Some have even argued that Shino is one of the Naruto The ninja that deserves more time in the spotlight. if Boruto However, no amount of insect strength can stop him from being roasted by the next generation of ninjas.

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Chapter 12 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations He sees Boruto bringing back the world’s ninja-themed card game, Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls. These cards depict the classic ninja as it appears in both Naruto And the Boruto, with cards like The Seventh Hokage Naruto being very rare. Much like Boruto A version of the Nintendo Switch, this one has strange implications for the world of the series. One day before class begins, Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin search their card combinations when they notice an abundance of Shino cards for adults. According to the trio, a Shino card is rare, has poor stats, and has a worthless ability. Inojin wonders if Shino is stronger than his energy suggests, but Shikadai drops the idea. Unfortunately for Shino, he was around the corner to hear all of that, causing the seemingly emotionless teacher to be on the verge of collapsing.

Fortunately for Shino, it is questionable how healthy his students are in this situation. While Shino will not rank first among Naruto The most powerful ninja, his insects are no joke and are able to take down dangerous threats. In addition, a ninja with an insect character may not have much opportunity to show his combat prowess in Borutohis role as coach of Boruto’s generation of ninjas gives him more of what he does in the sequel series than the other members of Konoha 11. At least Shino is relevant to the story in some way, unlike his contemporary Tenten.

Although this scene doesn’t prove that Shino should be underestimated, it does prove that the character’s untamed expression has more comedic potential than most people might assume. Shino may never be among the Naruto The strongest shinobi, but his role in it Boruto It still gives him more than a few moments to shine.

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