Fortnite will add Starfire to Teen Titans soon

Teen Titans' Starfire with the Fortnite logo.

Fortnite may get a third playable character from the Teen Titans soon, with sources claiming Starfire is coming to the game next month.

Rumors spread about it fortnite You may add another Teen Titans Starfire will be on her roster early next month. Starfire will join Raven and Beast Boy characters in fortnite, added to the list of DC characters within the game. The fan-favorite character has been a much-needed addition to the game since the DC collaboration was announced, and it looks like players may finally play as a lovable alien princess.

The collaboration between Epic and DC first began in 2021, and since then many famous characters have made their way to the title. From villains like Joker and Poison Ivy to heroes like The Flash and Wonder Woman, the partnership has brought a slew of new characters to the fortnite. Although much of the game’s popularity has come from its unique mechanics and cross-play abilities, fortniteThe inclusion of celebrities and fictional character skins has served the game well when it comes to keeping players coming back.

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recent article from EXPOTER (Across Tom Henderson on Twitter) to the rumors about Starfire arriving at fortnite In the near future. The article expects that Teen Titans The character is set to arrive on September 2, although not much information is known outside of that. While EXPOTER The source of the rumors does not explain, if true, it is suspected that data miners will find more information about Starfire as September approaches.

What the addition of Starfire could mean for the future of Fortnite

Starfire has always been one of the most wanted characters to come fortniteespecially when it comes to Teen Titans Characters in particular. whereas fortnite The season brings new crossovers, each one also bringing the inevitable disappointment for fans towards those characters that aren’t included. fortnite Not seen adding Teen Titans Since Beast Boy debuted over a year ago, so Starfire is finally making its way into the battle royale to please many fans. fortnite Back to drawing from Teen Titans The universe might also indicate a renewed focus on the vast DC universe as a whole, rather than the Gotham-centric path recently seen from the collaboration.

Oddly enough, so far Robin from Teen Titans did not appear in fortnite, despite being the most famous member. Although every player has their own opinion about the DC character fortnite We should add then, oddly enough, Raven, Beast Boy and now Starfire would have been a potential in the game world before Robin. However, if the Starfire rumors are true and fortnite The universe wins another Fig Titan Champion in the near future, Robin probably won’t be far behind. but, fortnite Fans will likely need to wait until September to see if Starfire really makes an appearance in the game.

source: EXPOTER (Across Tom Henderson / Twitter)

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