Game Freak confirms when development of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet began


Developer Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Game Freak tells fans when he started working on his latest big title, as well as how to create assets for each game.

scarlet pokemon And the Violet It is the latest major games in the beloved Pokemon Franchise business. In addition to giving players the usual features of Pokemon title, including catching, training and fighting pocket monsters, carmine And the Violet It also promises a whole host of additional features. scarlet pokemon And the Violet Bringing an open world to mainstream games for the first time, it allows players to venture through this open world together in four-player co-op. because of scarlet pokemon And the Violet As ambitious titles, some have questioned whether Game Freak has taken enough time to deliver on all that it promised.

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In a recent talk during the Computer Entertainment Software Developers Conference, or CEDEC, Pokemon Game Freak’s developer has spoken candidly about how to create assets for each title in the franchise. From red And the blue To the newest games in the series, Game Freak explained how it uses different effects to enhance its graphics Pokemon Games over every generation. Something that has also come up is how long Game Freak usually spends working on an entry in Pokemon Franchise business.

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It was confirmed that work on scarlet pokemon And the Violet Work started on Pokemon Sword And the shield was ending. Considering that the eighth generation of Pokemon Games released in late 2019, it can be assumed that work on them scarlet pokemon And the Violet Since then, giving Game Freak nearly three years to complete the ninth generation. It seems that three years is seen as the optimal time for Game Freak to spend in production Pokemon Titles, as work on them Pokemon Legends: Arceus It reportedly took that much time.

In the same CEDEC interview, he mentioned that Game Freak has started working on success Pokemon Legends: Arceus Even before the release of sword And the shieldin the fall of 2018. Given that Mythology: Arceus Released in early 2022, this again means that development took about 3 years. It seems that the style of play Pokemon Legends: Arceus It will have an effect on carmine And the Violetbearing in mind that the former lays the foundation for the latter’s open world with its large areas that players can explore.

scarlet pokemon And the Violet It’s set to launch in November 2022, and with that date approaching, Game Freak and Nintendo have revealed more details about the game. The latest a lot of information came at the end of the World Pok√©mon Championship, where a new Legendary for carmine And the Violet been detected.

scarlet pokemon And the Violet November 18 release for Nintendo Switch.

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