Haptic dialogue feedback in The Last of Us enhances accessibility

The gaming industry continues to do the right thing by gamers with disabilities by putting accessibility features into upcoming games, including The last of us, part one. Naughty Dog has given us an overview of the accessibility features that will be included in the remake of the 2013 classic PlayStation 3 title.

As Sony wrote in PlayStation Blogthe studio took most of the features that were available in Our last part 2 and expanded upon them. The two most notable features are the audio descriptions of the movie scenes and the haptic feedback of the dialogue. Game director Matthew Gallant said the studio has expanded these features to make the game more accessible to blind and deaf players than it was in the original game.

The Last of Us Part 1 – Accessibility Trailer | PS5 games

Gallant explained that Naughty Dog has worked with Descriptive Video Works, which has an excellent background in film, television, and even video game advertising (see God of War Ragnarok), to integrate audio descriptions into cinematic scenes and localize them into several supported languages ​​to help blind players understand what’s going on in the game’s story. Dialogue haptic feedback, which started as a prototype, emits vibrations through the PS5 DualSense controller so that gamers who are deaf or hard of hearing can sense the noise. In other words, they can feel the focus of the line delivery along with the translation.

Galant also promoted other accessibility features that would greatly benefit gamers with visual needs. This includes traversal audio cues, which alert players about something they’ve encountered that will aid in the progression of the story, and an enhanced listening mode that lets them hunt down enemies – both featured in the accessibility trailer. Some of the other accessibility features include visual aids like a screen magnifier, which allows players to enlarge any part of the screen using the DualSense touchpad, motion sickness controls like camera shake, motion blur, and a fixed white point that can be adjusted to help smooth out the sensation. The PlayStation blog post contains the full list of accessibility features.

The last of us, part one It will launch for PS5 on September 2.

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