Hardware Supply-ups will not be over until 2023, says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer

I still think the demand will surpass the supply for the holidays, says the head of game software Phil Spencer.

Hardware supply shortages are an issue that we have seen in the past few years, and since then it has been clear that it hasn’t a problem that goes away anytime. The Xbox boss also feels like his father.

Spencer said in an interview with Bloomberg that he still expects that the supply of consoles can suit their demand this Holiday season, although supply chains are expected to see improvements in 2023. I think that the Xbox CFO Tim Stuart suggests that the same thing recently.

I still think it’ll be more expensive for us these holiday season, said Spencer (via VGC).

Of course, other manufacturers in the industry aren’t immune to supply shortages. Nintendo recently said that the global semiconductor shortage didn’t end in sight, while the CEO of Intel suggested earlier this year that the situation might continue until 2024.

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