Have you tried… the rodent inside you in New York Rat Simulator?

New York Rat Simulator

New York Rat Simulator is still in Early Access, so you’ll be forgiven if you just turned on the game, played for a few minutes, and wondered out loud “Is that it?” There’s not much to do except run around the equivalent of one square mile of town and collect floating pizza slices – except you’re a mouse of course.

And while the small team at Firebug Games hopes to release a full version of New York Rat Simulator with a larger map, more collectibles, and an eldritch Rat King Overord, its current state is less than a full game and more than expertise. This experience is what you make of it, and quite frankly, I found it funny.

year of the rat

New York Mice Simulator

(Image credit: Firebug Games)

New York Rat Simulator has no frills or fluff – at its core, it’s a simplistic, unpolished game across a very small section of New York City. If I wanted to tell you that there are platforming elements, I’d be exaggerating, as I didn’t find any while playing it (although the gifs play Steam page for New York Rat Simulator (Opens in a new tab) Some platforms display what appears to be an older version of the game). You are a mouse and the life of a rat is very simple.

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