Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Netflix Adaptation From Umbrella Academy Show


Umbrella Academy Show Steve Blackman The company’s production, Irish Cowboy, has signed a multi-year agreement with Netflix that includes a TV adaptation of Horizon Zero DawnThe lovable open-world action-adventure game. Blackman’s new deal also limits his participation in an exciting series of events set on the International Space Station, orbital.

located in a distant future, Horizon Zero Dawn He imagines a world where technological progress has nearly wiped people off the face of the earth. However, humanity is constant, and in the game world, humans have regrouped and formed new societies. However, the knowledge of antiquity has been erased, leading people to live in a tribal way. At the same time, autonomous machines in the form of giant animals roam the Earth, threatening the lives of those who dare to get too close.

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In the franchise’s first game, we get to know Aloy, a brave female warrior who roams far from her tribe while discovering the secrets of a human past. The game has been praised for its fighting and creature design, but Horizon Zero Dawn He is most remembered for his unique post-apocalyptic concept, which fits perfectly in the TV show format. So, it’s exciting to know that Netflix is ​​finally bringing the game to TV. What’s even more exciting is that Blackman is involved after the adaptation Umbrella Academy Comics in a series that go beyond the original article.

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As for the orbitalthe original concept was created by the book David and Keith Lynchwho will serve as co-creators with Steve Blackman. Not much is known about the series besides the fact that it is a thrilling story set in the most famous space station of all time. Commenting on the new deal, Blackman said:

“”Horizon Zero Dawn And the ‘orbital These are high-profile, event-level projects centered on characters fans will love and relate to, the hallmarks of Irish Cowboy productions. We are excited to be working with Netflix and all of our partners to develop these groundbreaking stories.”

The Horizon Zero Dawn Executive presentation produced by Blackman, Michele Loveretta , And the Abby Morris; Qizilbash lion And the Carter Swan from PlayStation Productions; Jan Bart van Beek And the Ben McCaw game developer, Guerrilla; Roy Lee And the Matthew Paul from vertigo. orbital It is executive produced by Blackman, Morris, TIt’s Lynch BrothersAnd the Dan LinAnd the Nick ReynoldsAnd the Jonathan Irishwith Ed Barrat And the Richard Willey Work as co-executive producers.

Both Horizon Zero Dawn And the orbital You are still in the early stages of development and do not have an edit window yet. To get a better idea of ​​what the original game looked like, check out Horizon Zero DawnThe trailer is below:

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