How to get limestone in Final Fantasy XIV (Island Sanctuary)

How To Get Limestone in Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary

To find and plant limestone on Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV, players must search the areas near the water on the island’s western side.

One of the many new resources exclusive to the island reserve in Final Fantasy XIV It is a limestone island, also referred to simply as limestone. As Warriors of Light create the sanctuary of their dreams, they will need minerals such as limestone to build various structures. Accordingly, knowing where to find and cultivate the island limestone is essential to one’s progress in the island reserve.

However, the land mass of the island reserve in Final Fantasy XIV Astonishingly enormous. Wilderness, in particular, is where the majority of the island is occupied. Here, players will find all kinds of plants, minerals and other resources to develop their paradise. With such a large area to explore, it can be hard to find where to hold Island Limestone. Moreover, most of the environment blends well together, which is a good property for screenshots but not suitable for locating planting sites. Therefore, players must be sure to observe the effects of the sparkling particles that are secreted from the harvestable nodes.

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Similar to real-world limestone, island limestone in Final Fantasy XIVThe island reserve is born near shallow water. Thus, the nodes that players are looking for are only near water sources. This means that the central forests of The Wild will naturally not have limestone available for harvesting. On the other hand, players can learn about one of the best farming sites for collecting limestone thanks to screenshots from YouTube content creator Novice Priest Emris.

Limestone cultivation in FFXIV Island Reserve

Starting at Home Sweet Hideaway, travel toward the mainland at The Wilds. At the end, players will hit the Pristine Pond, a small pool of water in the southwest. Head north and approach the southern mouth of the North Stream to encounter the many sparkling rock nodes along the riverbank. Harvesting these points will produce island stone and island limestone. If players keep collecting all the nodes above the river, they also get Island Sand and Island Tinsand. After reaching a small waterfall along the stream, set up and return to the mouth of the river. All limestone rocks on the island must be redeployed, allowing players to repeat the cultivation process on it FFXIV Until they collect all the limestone they need.

Limestone can also be detected near the midpoint of the northern stream, east of the gentle slope. Furthermore, there are several other points near Pirate Bay, which is a prominent landmark on the northwest side of Island Sanctuary. However, visiting these areas only for limestone may not be effective if it is the only resource Final Fantasy XIV Players search for the nodes near Pristine Pond which is closest to Home Sweet Hideaway.

source: Novice Priest Emris

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