I’ve heard too many times that I’m a frustrated cricketer who’s emptied of anxiety – Sheldon Jackson criticizes the Selectors

Sheldon Jackson

Sheldon Jackson, the 35-year-old batsman has expressed his frustration at not being selected in India’s squad A for the upcoming four-day matches against New Zealand and being left out of the West Zone squad for the Duleep Trophy.

Sheldon Jackson, averaging over 50 in first-class cricket, was a regular performer in domestic cricket. He scored 313 points in 3 games, including 4 fifties, in the recently concluded Ranji Cup season.

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Also, he scored more than 2000 points in the last 3 domestic seasons. His brilliant domestic career also helped him secure a contract in the Indian Premier League. However, he failed to perform well in the tournament in the 2022 season for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) as he scored only 23 points in 5 matches.

In an interview with Sportstar, he criticized the selectors for not considering his selection in the West Zone squad for the upcoming Duleep Trophy. Sheldon Jackson said he’s even heard describe him as a “frustrated cricketer”. He explained:

“I have heard many times that he is a frustrated cricketer who vents his anxiety. I am a very happy cricketer and I am a happy person who has a loving family to return to. I am enjoying my life and I feel like asking questions that we get unanswered is justified as a professional. It has nothing to do with the space of my mind.

sheldon jackson
Sheldon Jackson (Image source: Twitter)

“If I’m thinking of playing for our country and not even getting selected for the Duleep Trophy because someone feels so old, how am I going to get there? I was expecting to be selected for India A. There’s nothing wrong with expecting that, and you can’t choose the Duleep Trophy This is inexplicable. As a professional, you are always striving to upgrade yourself to a higher level. It is frustrating when it is stopped for reasons beyond my control.”

Why is age considered a criterion to be chosen? – Sheldon Jackson

Sheldon Jackson (Photo-Twitter)
Sheldon Jackson (Photo-Twitter)

Veteran Mix sheldon Jackson He further said that 25 to 30 per cent of domestic cricketers, who are in their mid-30s, would be dumbfounded to see age is the selection criterion in a team. He added that selectors only cite age as a reason not to pick some players when they had no other reason.

“Why is age a criterion to be chosen? If so, they rob the dreams of at least 25 to 30 per cent of domestic cricketers who are in their mid-30s. I am not their voice but I speak for myself. You cannot prevent anyone from Dreaming of playing at a higher level. I’ve been defending this for a long time now.

“Now when I’m 35, I’m being flagged as old but I’ve been hearing this since I was 31. Now they’ve chosen more than six people over 30, so how is that justified then? At the time, it was said To me, no one over 30 was chosen.

“But when a country representative is selected in his mid-30s based on his performance, why not be certified in domestic cricket? I think not picking someone becomes a hoax. When you really don’t have any other reason, you mention his age.”

Sheldon Jackson, Ranji Cup
Sheldon Jackson (Image source: Twitter)

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