Kevin Smith says the original script for Book 3 was set during Hurricane Sandy


Fans are asking to take a look third clerksthe highly anticipated third installment of the popular movie series from Kevin Smith. With the film released in just a few weeks, the director revealed some plot points from the original script — which he said, fortunately, was very different from the script he eventually used.

In a new interview with The Hollywood ReporterSmith described the editorial and basic summary he had in mind at the beginning third clerks. “It opened the evening of Hurricane Sandy,” Smith told THR. “Dante and Randall were both locked up in jail because the original version of third clerks It was opening Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Where the cops come and arrest Jay and Silent Bob. They are all arrested and there is an interrogation scene… They are locked in a cell all night and come out in the morning to find that the Quick Stop has been destroyed by the flood.”

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Smith went on to say that the destruction of Quick Stop caused Randall (Jeff Anderson) to have a mental explosion trying to reconcile it by going to the theater and waiting for the movie The guard is dangerous out. Smith continued, “A village sprouts in the movie theater’s parking lot.” Randall builds a simple version of Quick Stop, like a small cottage version, and becomes the unofficial mayor of this town. It was a movie about dealing with grief.”

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According to Smith, this version of the script never really saw the light of day. This was due to the director’s belief that if people watched this movie, they might not believe that whoever made it had seen the first movie. “It was too far from clerksSmith said. “Luckily, we never made it. And all of a sudden, I had a heart attack and said, ‘Oh, that’s going to be a good workhorse for this movie.’ I felt third clerks It had to be in Quick Stop where it all started. That was able to feed everything else, and as soon as Brandall had a heart attack, it was like, OK, we’ll give him the movie too.”

Smith was referring to a heart attack in 2018, which, after his recovery, formed the basis for many recurring attacks. third clerks script. It is said that the film will now follow Randall after a heart attack, and his desire to make a movie with his friend Dante (Brian O’Halloran). The movie will be a continuation of the first two clerks premiums, which chronicled the lives of the two retail employees. The 1994 original is a cult classic and one of the greatest independent films of all time, and helped put Smith on the map as a Hollywood director. sequel second scribe, It was released in 2006 and had similar success.

After Anderson and O’Halloran, many of the actors will return from the first two films third clerks. This includes Trevor FirmanAnd the Jason MuseAnd the Rosario DawsonAnd the Marilyn Gigliotti and Smith himself.

third clerks It will be released in select theaters from September 13 to September 18. Watch the movie trailer below:

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