Neil Gaiman talks about whether The Sandman can tell us stories that aren’t in the comics

The Sandman characters as Harry Potter Counterparts

Neil Gaiman answers the burning question of whether hypnotic The exhibition can tell stories that are not in the comics. Gaiman brought the world of dreams and its mystical inhabitants back to life in 1989, when he began producing his original graphic novel series for DC Comics. Since then, the Sandman The comics have amassed a loyal following, leading to high expectations for the Netflix series adaptation.

Netflix hypnotic It was released this month, and so far it has received a fairly positive reception. As he imagines the cinematic version of the two-dimensional world of the comics, increasing the breadth of his imagination, hypnotic It adheres fairly strictly to the storyboards. This stems from Gaiman’s involvement as co-developer and writer on the series, having held off several previous adaptation efforts out of a desire for long-term satisfaction. Sandman Fans with a loyal adaptation. As fans continue to campaign for their future, its creator is all sharing his thoughts on the venue hypnotic The show can go next.

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In a recent interview with ComicBook.comGaiman addressed the possibility of whether hypnotic The show can tell stories that are not from the comics. The storyboard and show maker is fairly open to the idea of ​​expanding the world hypnotic Beyond the comics, but reluctant to endorse this approach. According to his estimates, the first 11 episodes of hypnotic cover about “First 400 pages or 450 pages“From the 75 issues of the graphic novel series. With that, he still has”2600 pages to go“He is not sure if hypnotic The TV show will have the opportunity to extend this limit. Check out the full quote from Gaiman below:

Yes, but I also realize incredibly that we have so much more than we have. We just covered the first season, basically, the first 400 or 450 pages. Now we’ve dropped eleven [episodes] From Sandman and we have 2,600 pages to go. So I’m not looking at this “wouldn’t it be fun to add something else?” I tend to look at this and go, “We have a long way to travel, with a lot of places to stop on the way.” How can we get as many as 75 editions of Sandman, Dream Hunters, Endless Nights, and then Sandman: Introduction? Everything we did, we did it knowing that, in many ways, the odds are against us in ending the story, but also knowing that if we don’t plan to get to the end of the story we’ll have things missing when we need to get there. Which is a very familiar feeling to me, because when I was writing Sandman, I never knew I’d be able to get to the end of the story, if DC was going to cancel it, if something were to happen. So it looks kind of familiar.

Gaiman’s comparison of his writing process hypnotic The comedy and TV show are quite interesting considering the current status of the latter. As noted, the world hypnotic It’s broad and has diverse stories to explore, some of which already have Gaiman’s plans for how to adapt to a possible second season. However, Netflix has yet to grant an official renewal for a second season, prompting Gaiman Sandman Fans are immersed in the series in hopes of increasing viewership. several long seasons Sandman Running is by no means certain, so if Gaiman and the other writers have any hope of solving some of the Sandman Plots that fans of the comics know and love, will have to stick to the script, relatively speaking.

Moreover, if Gaiman’s estimation of the number of pages is correct, hypnotic The view can only be in the long run with the content in the storyboards alone. If Gaiman uses a similar model for future seasons, that means the series could land somewhere between 5-7 additional seasons, just from comedy plots alone, although with Netflix notorious for quick cancellations, this kind of TV run Huge is unlikely to happen. We hope Gaiman will be able to delve deeper into the world of graphic novels through the possibilities hypnotic The second season is in the future.


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