New Manchester United transfer Casemiro grew up in a poor neighborhood after his father left a five-year-old family

CASEMIRO became a father figure at Real Madrid even though his father went out with him when he was five years old.

The Brazilian, 30, suffered from a troubled upbringing in a poor neighborhood called São Jose dos Campos outside Sao Paulo.

New Man United star Casemiro had to become a father figure when he was just five years old


New Man United star Casemiro had to become a father figure when he was just five years oldCredit: Instagram /casemiro
The midfielder knows all about responsibility and is set to become a great captain at United


The midfielder knows all about responsibility and is set to become a great captain at UnitedCredit: Instagram / @annamarianacasemiro

He was abandoned by his father, two brothers, and their mother, Maria – who had to juggle several jobs to make ends meet.

Casemiro, as the eldest son, bravely rose to be the man of the house and shaped it to become the great leader that he is today.

In 2018, the midfielder said: “If I saw him on the street today, I wouldn’t recognize him,

“He got into a serious fight with my mother when I was five and the family left to be run by my mother.

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“I wanted to meet him because I had no grudge against him. That was what God wanted for me. That’s why I always left it as it is.”

The illustrious £70m signing of Manchester United was no doubt considering a return to his humble beginnings when he rose to the club’s lavish Carrington base on his first day of training on Thursday.

When the midfielder flew into the nest at the age of 11 to play for the São Paulo youth team, he was stunned just to have his own bedroom, food, air conditioning and TV for the first time.

Who knows what was going through his head when he actually played at the Theater of Dreams at the age of 15 with Sao Paulo in the Nike Cup.

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Casemiro never forgets his past, and once broke down in tears in 2018 in an interview when he mentioned not being able to buy a certain Brazilian yogurt drink as a child.

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to drink these things, but we never had the money,” he said, crying. “It didn’t cost much, about 20 cents.”

Those memories only made him stronger, and his Real Madrid teammates pushed him to become a world coach when he finally hangs up his boots.

Spanish football expert Guillermo Raimundo told SunSport: “He came from a poor background and that helped his character.

“He’s a leader because he knows his origins and that’s always on his mind.

“Casemiro was a captain in Real Madrid, a big voice, everyone heard him. Among the Brazilian players he was like a father to young Vini Junior, Rodrygo and Militao.

“He doesn’t need to be a captain to be a captain. I think the same would happen at United.”

Don’t take prisoners

The Brazilian fighter is certainly expected to thrive in the blood and thunder of the Premier League.

Barcelona journalists describe Casemiro as “the bad guy in the movie that you want on your team but not against” who is known in parts of Spain as “a bit of an absurd”.

Ministers’ officials may be shivering in their boots given that he orders files on every referee so he knows how best to deal with them.

Casemiro is no stranger to tough handling and was booked 16 times last season in 48 games.

He enjoyed nine glittering years at the Bernabeu, most notably winning five Champions League titles and three La Liga titles after his arrival in 2013.

The Brazilian was loved at Los Blancos especially by fellow midfielders Toni Kroos and Luka Modric who personally wrote a joint farewell letter to him prior to his move to United.

Casemiro has had a great relationship with Real president Florentino Perez and believes it won’t take long to seduce Glazer under fire.

Raimundo added: “He loves to learn the club’s philosophy. He was born at Real Madrid and I think the same would happen at United.

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“He will have a good relationship with everyone at the club and that will help him adapt.

“He had a great relationship with Florentino Perez and I’m sure he will do that with my United managers.”

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