New Modifiers and the Scoring System New Release On August 31 (Sifu) Update

For those looking for the next challenge in Sifu, Sloclap has something in mind. The next update of Sifu is set to be released this August 31st, and called Summer 2022. This is something that will bring new gear, new scoring and more gear.

Sifu Next Next Update, Details and Trailer:

The new game modifiers and new scoring system will help Sifu in two directions: pushing the games challenge up by letting enemies ignore their guard and preventing them from picking up weapons or giving them infinite health and structure and unbreakable weapons. Even the players are forced to use hardcore to get harder. Combat enemies are stronger, improve their character’s health and eradicate disease and protect against aging and threats.

The new scoring system will make any punch, kick, sweep and finishers perform, and earn a ranking by taking into account players’ quality and efficiency. The players who are good enough to navigate enemies without being hit will get a score of something worth mentioning.

Three new outfits are already coming in the upcoming Sifu patch on August 31. There’s the Inforcer armor, a set that covers Sifus hero in a tactical suit (for those that own the Deluxe edition), and there’s also the Master Hand outfit, that’ll be available to all players. The Master Hand kit comes with a sleek trench coat and a stylish hat, and players will be tasked to avoid every incoming attack if they want to keep their look off.

If you haven’t played Sifu yet, then try to change that. Our review gave him a ten yen of nine o’clock, and, besides, added, Sloclap entered the game, so it can be used to capture the essence of the legendary Kung Fu. Their foundation formed with the Absolver, which is used to be a well defined experienced, with an addictively fun combat amidst and stylish visuals. Have they delivered? A clear yes is absolutely necessary.

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