Nintendo is not involved in the Switch DRM controversy


It appears Nintendo isn’t behind the Switch’s latest anti-piracy initiative, leading gamers to question which company is pushing DRM.

While nintendo The company is known for creating notable gaming franchises that many still enjoy today, and some fans have found the company to have some controversial policies at times. This is especially the case when it comes to Nintendo games and their content being shared on platforms like YouTube. Creators have encountered an issue on the platform for playing music from Nintendo games, which has resulted in copyright infringements in some cases. Now, some fans believe that Nintendo has made another controversial decision by including Denuvo anti-piracy DRM on the Switch.

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It was announced yesterday that Denuvo will provide anti-piracy DRM technology to Nintendo. Reportedly, Denuvo DRM will prevent Switch games from being pirated. However, many were concerned that the introduction of the software would cause the hybrid console to perform somewhat poorly. This has led some to question Nintendo’s involvement in the anti-piracy campaign, and according to a report from Kotaku, it appears the gaming giant is not participating in the Switch DRM initiative.

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A Denuvo spokesperson recently clarified that pressing DRM software on the Switch is allegedly due to Denuvo’s publishing partners. The spokesperson also stated that performance will not be affected and that the inclusion of the software is not designed to “impact the player experience”. However, some fans on social media still suspect that Nintendo may have been at least partially involved in this decision because in order to develop software for the Switch, the company must have access to a Nintendo developer account.

With no official word from Nintendo yet, gamers will continue to speculate that the company will be involved in this DRM initiative. Whether or not Nintendo is involved, the inclusion of Denuvo DRM on the Switch is likely to be a controversial decision. While Denuvo protects games from hacking, PC gamers have reported that the software negatively affects game performance. This has prompted some to celebrate the removal of Denuvo DRM from games. In March, the program was removed from Mortal Kombat 11after years of players reporting poor performance.

With some big Nintendo Switch releases coming at the end of 2022, it makes sense that the company would want to protect these AAA games from piracy, but many fans still find the use of Denuvo DRM a controversial decision, especially given the reputation the software has earned with console gamers. Computer.

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source: Kotaku

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