Odin God of War Ragnarok is not Zeus 2.0, and that’s a good thing


The God of War The series has its fair share of great enemies that players can completely demolish while controlling The Ghost of Sparta, Kratos. None of these enemies had the same impact on Kratos’ life as his father Zeus, who along with the other gods sent Kratos down a path of destruction and death. After finally defeating his father, Kratos has now left Greece and resides in Midgard where a new threat has revealed himself in the form of God of War Ragnarok Odin.

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While Odin has been a secret for quite some time now, a recent leak may have revealed the character’s appearance in the upcoming game. The God of War The series has taken a step away from giving the gods “perfect” bodies full of belly and muscle to show off the pinnacle of the human figure. Instead, with the reveal of Thor’s character, the series has taken a more historical approach. Unlike Thor, who resembles a strong, burly man, Odin’s appearance appears to be very similar to that of Baldur, which could mean that he would not possess the same level of strength as Zeus. Fans should note that these leaks haven’t been verified yet, so Santa Monica Studio may have something else in mind, but for now, the potential leaked image provides grounds for speculation.

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Odin God of War Ragnarok has leaked

God of War RagnarokThe Odin leak came from a Reddit user named Dusk Golem, who revealed that Odin wouldn’t look like the big bad for the first set of God of War Games, Zeus. Odin does not have a heavy build like a bull, or a muscular build like that of the Greek gods, instead he appears to be an old and skinny man. While looks only go so far as to reveal what kind of character he will be, Odin may be a god who doesn’t want to fight any more, and just one is waiting for Ragnarok.

Of course, during 2018 God of WarHowever, Mimir and Freya reveal that Odin is the only fearsome deity above all else, so his skinny appearance may have more to do with his use of Vanir’s magic than his looks. In the previous game, Mimir revealed that Odin had married Freya to reach a treaty with Van’er, but his intentions deepened further in search of the powerful magic of Vanaheim. While using this magic didn’t seem to affect the Vanir themselves, it was possible that Odin now possessed quite a bit of this power, causing his physical body to deteriorate.

What role will Odin play in God of War Ragnarok?

Odin is likely to be the main villain in God of War RagnarokSimply based on all the hadiths about him in 2018 God of War. Even Baldur constantly talks about how his father sent him to kill the last Goten; However, there are also several theories suggesting that Thor is actually the players’ last boss. Whether or not Odin is the ultimate boss, he will undoubtedly play an important role in the events of God of War Ragnarok.

After Baldur’s death, Kratos and Atreus will need to be wary of Freya as well as other Norse deities who are likely to be angry at the death of their relatives. Apart from Thor’s threats, Freya will try to kill Kratos to avenge her son’s death, however, Odin’s role in God of War Ragnarok It is still shrouded in mystery. It is likely that he will lead his forces from the shadows and wait for Kratos and Atreus to reach Asgard before engaging them in battle.

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What can Odin’s appearance say about his character?

The decision to move away from the large muscular figure of the gods opens up the possibility of making the characters in God of War More diverse in terms of characters, powers, and traits. Odin is no exception with his emaciated build and aged face as well as the same vision of giants that Mimir seems to have. If the leak of Odin’s appearance was true, it could mean that he would possess magical abilities and wisdom more than strength and that his powers began to wane as Ragnarok approached.

All year 2018 God of WarIn fact, much information about Odin has been revealed, especially through the many stories told by Mimir Atreus when the group was traveling in the boat. Odin is extremely wise and cunning, able to outsmart his enemies rather than defeat them with brute force, which is also why he sends other deities like Thor and Baldur to eliminate his enemies. This along with a leak of his appearance shows that Odin may now be too old to effectively fight Kratos and the others, which is why many believe he won’t be the last boss in God of War Ragnarok.

While it’s possible that Odin wasn’t too old to fight and had an unreal strength that even Kratos couldn’t handle himself, it wouldn’t be surprising if God of War Ragnarok It takes his character in another direction. Thor has been one of the most anticipated villains in the series, and will be a much more fitting final boss thanks to all the hype already created around him, especially after the secret ending of the first game. Whatever the case, fans will need to wait for a release God of War Ragnarok To find out what really happens to Kratos, Atreus and their allies when the events of Ragnarok begin to unfold.

God of War Ragnarok It is scheduled to be released on November 9, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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