Path of Exile outlines nerfs to Archnemesis defensive modifiers, promises to explain Kalandra balance changes soon

While much of the discussion of the Path of Exile was about items drop, another matter has been discussed on the minds of fans: the defensive mods that Archnemesis enemies of the Sentinel league spawn in with. That makes us look at the latest update, which lists a wide variety of nerfs coming...

Although many conversations from the Path of Exile playerbase have been about items drops, there is a second matter on the minds of fans: what range of defensive weapons archnemesis enemies from the Sentinel league spawn in with? This brings us to the latest update preview, which lists different nerfs coming to these mods. Play the Path of Exile for free.

A broad spectrum of nerfs abound, with effects reduced from 80 to 50 to certain resistances and immunities being removed altogether. The list of proposed changes is pretty granular in true GGG patch notes fashion.

According to the post, these tweaks have a purpose to stop the implementation of defensive games, from being too punitive, particularly in building materials that are built around a specific elemental damage type. We want defensive modifiers that make rare monsters even harder for certain builds to get killed. Nevertheless, we absolutely agree that when multiple different mods stack together and extend the length of the fight exponentially, the post seems to be too boring.

Since it came back to the issue of items drop modifications, it says that at the end of the article, a new update post was expected for the time being that will explain why GGG made a balance change for this expansion, it would be sooner, but by the teams admission, it’s been a bit of a week.

Source: official forums.

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