Players can now play as Mario in the original Tomb Raider game

Screenshot from the original Tomb Raider game showing Mario entering a cave.

The original Tomb Raider and Super Mario 64 are classics from a bygone era, and now the new model brings them together under one roof.

as a string, Tomb rider It has been a huge success over the past two and a half decades. Of course, there were both peaks and valleys, but while some of the middle games were not well received, on the whole the franchise gave the world one of the most recognizable female characters in gaming history. Her role in the first installment helped propel the industry forward for women in gaming, along with the likes of metroidSamus Aran, and now the new model brings another icon to Lara’s world.

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As spotted by DSO Gaming, two mods going to Headshotnoby and muddymind have released a mod for the classic Tomb rider The game, which allows players to jump into Mario’s shoes as he sees it Super Mario 64. The download has been made available on GitHub, and is said to give players the chance to not only control the Nintendo spell, but also take advantage of all his moves from the N64 title. There were also two trailers released showing him inhabiting different locations usually inhabited by Lara herself.

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In fact, it’s quite fitting that these two games together should be one, since they are contemporary with each other, having launched in 1996. While Tomb Raider and Lara Croft have evolved over the years, it was the original release method once again when, along with Mario 64, which helped move games into 3D environments. Both franchises have gone through a number of changes as the industry has progressed, at least in terms of advancement along with development tools and storytelling methods. In any case, it may seem strange that a cartoonish plumber can now roam this more serious and humble world, but it would be fun to hear Mario’s “Wahoo!” He fights Tyrannosaurus Rex.

This is also not the first time that a protagonist dressed in red has found himself in a different game. A while ago, someone managed to put Mario MOD Garythe Source Engine-based editing tool that allows players to create all kinds of worlds, as well as entertaining animations.

Besides helping usher in 3D games in the 90s, Super Mario 64 It also has one of the most memorable start screens in games. With the ability to wriggle and mutilate his face, gamers of the time were introduced to the sheer power of the Nintendo 64 console, which is clearly aging now, but still fondly remembered by older fans.

the original Tomb rider It was released in 1996 for PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

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source: DSO . GamesAnd the github

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