Pokemon Fan uses Pokemon cards to make a picture of Lugia

Pokemon Lugia Cards

A Pokemon fan shows an image of a psychic pocket monster loggia / bird made of different cards from the Pokemon TCG.

Pokemon Fans love to create art for the different pocket monsters they love. Players create pieces to celebrate the creatures that have captured their hearts, producing a number of different types of acts for all to enjoy. Pokemon It is a huge inspiration for fan art, with a number of pocket monsters that stand out as inspiration.

One such pokemon is Logia. The psychic/flying genre was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver It appeared in the anime. Lugia was also one of the stars of the second film in the series, pokemon movie 2000. Now a fan has created a unique piece of art focusing on Lugia and cards from Pokemon TCG.

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A Redditor known as mr-pennyroyal posted a picture of a loggia they made from Pokemon cards. The pocket monster outline was made of dark-type cards, while all the white parts were made of colorless cards. The creature’s accents, like its belly and the blue spikes sticking out of its eyes, were made up of water-type cards. According to mr-pennyroyal, it took about an hour to make the piece. They also mentioned that more art is made of Pokemon The cards can be found on their profile page, which includes Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Zapdos.

The artwork done by Mr. Pennyroyal has garnered quite a few fans. Many described the piece as impressive, while one commentator stated that they had never thought of doing something like this. One user thought the cards had been cut and said they almost had a small heart attack, and Mr. Pennyroyal responded that they would never do so. Another artist said they make art similar to this but using energy cards from Pokemon TCG, and stated that they did not consider using Colorless cards in order to create white space in the widget. Lugia’s art is amazing and it’s a fun way to catch pokemon.

Mr. Pennyroyal is just one artist who creates loggia-inspired pieces. A Redditor named lolCure posted a picture of a rug they made out of Pokemon. The work features the head and beak of the pocket monster and the spikes that surround its eyes. The rug also has a miniature wing sticking out from the back of the creature’s head. The mat is incredibly cute and perfect for anyone who is a fan of the Legendary Pokemon.

pokemon scarlet and violet It will be released on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

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